Dunhuang Peru postal network hand push the brand through cross-border parcel


] January 14th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before Dunhuang and Peru post (Serpost) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing year.

According to the Dunhuang

network, this cooperation is to deepen its trade with the Peru government in the field of digital communication and cooperation, hoping to promote the Peru cross-border e-commerce platform to better carry out international trade between China and Peru of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide services.

chart is the most female founder of the Dunhuang network Wang Shutong

in the Dunhuang and Peru post (Serpost) strategic cooperation, Peru post give brand promotion support: many network resources in Dunhuang in the establishment of cooperation, in 2017 there will be more than 500 thousand from the China and brand identity through cross-border electronic business platform turnover of postal parcel was printed on the Dunhuang network; at the same time, Peru post will in the country more than 100 outlets placed Dunhuang network brand identity, to enhance brand awareness of Dunhuang network.

According to

billion state power network to understand, before this, in Peru have signed "memorandum of understanding" information interoperability. Based on the memorandum of understanding, China and the United States will establish a bilateral electricity supplier point to point cities, respectively, in the two sides of the core cities to establish a dual museum". Among them, Dunhuang became the "two double center" project to build the construction business, mainly to help enterprises make bilateral products, brand communication, online trading, warehousing logistics, customer service customer service and other services in other countries. The Dunhuang network pointed out that this cooperation with the Peru post is the information interoperability memorandum of understanding after the signing of the Dunhuang network as a cross-border electricity supplier platform to further expand the pragmatic action.

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