Ali and Shun marriage a year for the Chinese electricity supplier to bring

this year, "11.11" is not only the first dual Ali listed in the United States, is also the first year of the Alibaba group and the logistics of the "marriage" of the year 11. One is the electricity supplier industry giant, is a large logistics leader, a Mendanghudui "marriage" a year to China business brings sweet and expectations of how the


work together to change the lives of China’s 600 million rural people

Alibaba and goodaymart logistics why at first sight, with expert witness as saying, "it is natural, and". Alibaba and goodaymart logistics "encounter" China coincides with the popularity of online shopping from the city to the countryside "Eve", how to use each other’s network layout change become the two main reasons to go together for 600 million rural people living Chinese.

after 1 years of "marriage", the two sides finally reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly crack Chinese online shopping "last mile" problem. December 2013, the two sides announced that they will be based on the advantages of each other to create a new home appliances and large goods logistics and distribution, installation services, such as the whole system and standards, the system will be open to the whole society.

year, relying on the advantages of logistics network without blind spots, Tmall users regardless of when and where, as long as you can access the Internet, you can enjoy the door-to-door, according to the online shopping experience. It can be said that the net purchase of the door to the lives of China’s 600 million rural people completely open. From this point of view, Ali and the combination of day and night is essential.

Chinese online shopping has entered the era of big

data show that in the first half of, the total amount of Ali’s China retail platform has reached 931 billion yuan, while in 2012, Ali platform sales have just exceeded trillion. Ali Ali responsible person said that the rapid growth of transaction volume and from small to large online shopping category development are inseparable, increasing the proportion of big category objectively stimulate sales growth.

electricity supplier front competition is the shop, the background is the logistics and distribution of competition, a strong logistics network support is the first to take advantage of Ali in the industry to develop large category. Statistics show that since the day of logistics from 2012 to participate in Ali’s double eleven feast, the day to achieve including Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Tibet and other countries, including the delivery of the order of more than 5 thousand.

2013 double eleven, further cooperation between the two sides, the date of completion of the Tmall goodaymart logistics platform 130 thousand large commodity delivery orders, according to the great recognition about delivery, send one brought by the user’s experience, the overall satisfaction was 50% higher than the industry average. Today, under the efforts of both sides, online shopping has become an important channel for consumers to buy large commodities.

China’s overall logistics operation costs significantly reduced

logistics industry plays an important role in the whole national economy, but compared with the world advanced level, China’s logistics cost is still high

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