Wisdom in bid have entertainment in the spike network

recently, a called wisdom in the bid (www.110bid.com) site in the author’s life was crazy turn. So I think the surprise is that in today’s no shortage of topics, the electricity business community has never been a huge public opinion patent, small electricity supplier can break through, it is a miracle.

with curiosity, the author of the wisdom of the bid had a simple experience, the reason for the break will clear up, the key in the entertainment subversion".


this site from the moment of opening, they began to subvert the user accustomed to feeling.

simple flat perspective design, with the mainstream electricity supplier to get together the information is not the same, can not be described as refreshing. "$8.25 one thousand yuan shopping card", "$0.3 yuan of the 50 yuan bill"…… An incredible price greatly increased the author’s interest in the site.


wisdom in bid have the greatest feature is that the mode of its purchase of goods, but also its breakout out of the biggest competitiveness. Different from the traditional mode of direct purchase, in the wisdom of the bid shopping, you must first participate in their unique gameplay – bid treasure". Each commodity open to buy when the price is 0 yuan, each user "bid", will increase the price of 0.01 yuan, the countdown to the countdown to the 10 seconds, if successfully reached 0 seconds, at the end of "bid" users can buy goods with the price at that time. Every bid, users need to consume a certain amount of virtual currency — have failed bid treasure, the user can also choose the difference form of the purchase of goods, to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong.


as a consumer, this is a love hate website. The success of the bid to the goods, cheap to buy a very favorable. For the moment "and the pursuit of material purchasing power does not match the" young generation, low price is right. Furthermore, bid treasure itself rules of entertainment, the young people entertainment death spirit is very good. But I am not, every time the bid treasure can be successful, especially for the novice. Bid treasure is a technology live, talk about strategies and experience, which is the most novice lack.

even so, there are still a large number of new users to join the bid treasure army, after all, adventure, entertainment, profit, it is the most sought after young people.

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