A large number of sites joint Dragon hardware to create a new network marketing situation

Beijing 7, July 2009 / PRNewswire / — recently, by a handful of websites and Tianlong Hardware City, CO hosting the network marketing training in Tianlong Hardware City two floor held from Tianlong Hardware City of more than 30 business representatives and businesses participated in this training. The network marketing training will be designed to illustrate the way of small and medium enterprises network marketing, combined with the actual experience of network marketing, network marketing can prove to bring good hardware companies.

this training session, a lot of Web site information editor Govan, the focus of the analysis of the future development trend of Internet marketing. A lot of website operation manager Li Zhiyong also detailed analysis of the successful case of hardware enterprises in network marketing, far-reaching influence enterprise, let hardware businesses have clear understanding to the network marketing of enterprises.

online marketing training will be a warm atmosphere, talked about the wonderful place, the audience continued to burst into applause. After two hours of training, many hardware merchants also have stepped forward and boundless, "a lot of" experts for specific issues of network marketing, have said will be more involved in the wave of network marketing to.

as the training will be the host, a lot of websites in the network marketing training and Tianlong Hardware City reached a strategic cooperation agreement, and a lot of complementary resources Tianlong Hardware City, efforts to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprise e-commerce hardware. At the same time, a large number of sites will be in the product, service and other aspects of the Dragon hardware city member companies to provide generous and quality services, and jointly enhance the influence of the two sides in the field of industry.

After the

, "a lot" of journalists interviewed Tianlong Hardware cattle manager, she said, the City Tianlong Hardware hardware companies operating in the form of most of the stalls, in order to expand the enterprise better sales channels, hardware city management departments in cooperation with a lot of network station specially, work together to develop the network marketing channel. All along, the store’s understanding of the network for the business is not comprehensive enough, although some companies have done some network marketing, but are relatively fragmented. The network marketing training will be the entire Hardware City hardware companies to focus on the first large-scale online marketing research.

and for the new field of network marketing channels, most businesses have not been involved in the mall before. It is still in the exploratory stage, traders do not know the network marketing can achieve what kind of effect, but this new thing for the network hardware merchants still desire, also want to benefit from the internet.

a lot of experts said after the meeting: for the network marketing, as business terms, most concerned about is nothing more than economic benefits, huge profit value is an important part of hardware to attract businesses. At present, some businesses have profit through the network channels, so the training will enhance the hardware businesses network marketing confidence greatly, thereby increasing the investment of network marketing, and promote the development of enterprises. Enterprises in order to get rid of the plight of passive sales, in addition to the mall

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