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Shanghai dragon

it is a technical, although easy entry, but really want to grasp its connotation, not every webmaster can have an easy job to do for those in Shanghai; a contemptuous disregard of dragon and Phoenix webmaster, you may just contact the old man, did not grasp in the mystery, the simple several popular keywords do learned, Shanghai dragon? Is too naive, in fact, Shanghai dragon is in need of long-term combat can know the truth, Shanghai dragon no real master, because all walks of life are different, need to have thorough understanding of an industry, in order to allow Shanghai to play the biggest role of the dragon.

, with vast resources of

two, rich experience in actual combat

said that Shanghai Longfeng fight is the resources, methods are similar, who have good resources, who will be able to easily do up the rankings, but, if you have a broad range of resources, it will have a treasure. Shanghai Longfeng resources is divided into two blocks, one is outside the chain of resources, human resources is two, both are very important, the chain resources are accumulated through long-term practice, which can send the chain site, the site outside the chain of good results, which sites outside the chain is easy to be deleted…… It is through their own practice to know, these chain resources are very valuable for every webmaster. While the network resources in Shanghai Longfeng obtained in the role is self-evident, understanding in the webmaster circle of people, many things are convenient and effective, published an article called out, others help themselves to reprint, that is what effect, a website has a large number of high weight link it what is the effect. The business circle game this session, I believe many good ranking sites are good resources, can emerge in the fierce competition in the

practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Just look at the Shanghai dragon theoretical knowledge every day, not through a lot of practice, there will not be any promotion for a Shanghai dragon Er, because a lot of ideas may not work, only through their own practice to be able to find some good methods. Take out a website that can estimate what time should be able to the keywords ranking up, will keywords row up.


today, many just contact Shanghai dragon soon webmaster everywhere ask, what is Shanghai dragon cheats, in fact, Shanghai dragon what the so-called cheats, is actually some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, and that knowledge is out of date, because love Shanghai algorithm is changing; for the webmaster friends in Shanghai dragon is the most important basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, basic knowledge is usually not changed with the algorithm, deviate from them. Shanghai, if there is no real cheats, why those old webmaster can be an easy job to do will make up the ranking? This is the old webmaster and novice difference analysis, the old owners simply do what are the advantages of Shanghai Dragon:

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