Love Shanghai included slow Fast love Shanghai Webmaster Platform active push function!

tool has two delivery type manual submission links and automatically submit links, the general site we recommend automatic submission, automatic submission is divided automatically push, take the initiative to submit (real-time) and sitemap function, we recommend is to submit links to push (real-time) function. It is fast to grab love Shanghai spider latest web page features tools can take the initiative to find the site’s URL crawl included and show; compared with passive waiting for the love Shanghai spider capture efficiency is much higher, and you only need to fine tune the code, you can use, the development cost is relatively low.

also released last year, love Shanghai "spark plan 2", based Webmaster Platform based link submission – active push function, and the launch of the original protection and the first content of the project proceeds, "

we say today is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform link submission tool, it can provide a variety of ways for the site to submit data to love Shanghai, love Shanghai to help discover and understand the pages on your site and included the site structure, optimization.

The official It is reported that the function of


included slow love Shanghai as everyone knows there are many reasons, such as: the web server is not stable, often revised, content readability is not high, illegal operations, but included slow suck problems or to analyze specific issues, to find their own reasons to solve problems more easily, today we have to talk about the problem of normal do stand to improve the amount collected sea love.

, since the opening half a year to participate in the submission site near 10W, 5000W on the data submitted, the data submitted by the average capture time early in reptiles found time for 4 hours; submit data included 60%–100%, which shows that the majority of owners with the use of such functions are good.

server is usually fault free and conform to the rules of the formal operation of the amount collected is low and the love Shanghai spider caught the content of your website, spider to access the collection contents, and then be arranged database indexing, users can search in the search engine in Shanghai love to your web pages, pictures, video and other content. Under normal circumstances, the love of Shanghai spider is in accordance with a set of rules to crawl, so take the initiative to love Shanghai submit data than do content only love Shanghai spider to catch the page more effective use of the official tools.

The official

data we have a certain understanding, look at the site of end feedback on how small, contact the Ranger net, the other feedback, push the data capture volume reached 89.34%, the proportion of 64.86% included, as early as in the reptile found time of 164574 seconds, 45.7 hours, 2 days ahead of time to be included, small again contact Le ha, the other said push data capture 100%, included 70% early reptiles were included in the time 10 hours.


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