On the foreign trade site to promote transformation rate of neglected two or three suggestions

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product description is a little higher, the conversion rate of the product description is not only on the search engine ranking plays a very important role. But when I search for some of the sites in Google, often found that many stations do not have the product description, or directly copied from other sites, this phenomenon is very common. Here I only say how to do to improve the conversion rate of the description: that is to add the product picture details of the map to enlarge the product description, which is similar to the practice of Taobao.

customer purpose basically is to buy the products they need, when customers enter the site, attracted by the pictures of the products, the price is more expensive than in other sites, customers are willing to buy. This is the author often receive customer mail inside said product picture looked very love content.

is through the three suggestions are summed up and compared to inform customers of the site. The original article by www.xihapu贵族宝贝 a small joke, please indicate the source, thank you


do foreign trade website, in fact, many are using ZenCart or mogento program of self-help. The webmaster of the layout, appearance design, and click on the convenience of the products will affect the purchase of customers. The following is the author of the two site home page:


The author of the September

because of the economic crisis, the number of people for the purchase of foreign demand for cheap things, which we do foreign trade, is undoubtedly a good news. But in the same conditions, improve their website conversion rate? Here the author after careful study of your site, that is easy to overlook the two or three suggestions, of course, like bestsell, feature products is helpful to improve the conversion rate, but these should be many webmaster have mentioned, so here I also mention some neglected, I hope to help the webmaster friends.


here is a product classification, one is not. This leads when customers came to the site, the second sites to reach a directory page than the first site to click, and click through the main navigation, the user experience is a blow, also led to second sites with a single volume is scarce.

two, product pictures


, the user experience of the website

with the relative success of a single transaction site:

three, a description of the product

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