The business forum does not rank in the first reason

as the official business forum, I believe that most of the contestants are concerned, published articles, discussions, suggestions, but may be due to the organizers on schedule on a previous commitment tracking reports and suck, resulting in more ridicule entertainment forum posts, a truly original and relevant business Shanghai, rarely associated with dragon and phoenix.

Please note the original article >

concerned about the forum A5 Bo excellent friends may know, one month the chain number more than 150 thousand, which is beyond the reach of personal website. Almost all the sites are outside the chain, the network media publicity, all kinds of website reprint, the number of chain explosive growth. While the number of the chain business forum than the chain to the site a lot, so at a glance.

it has been held confirmed the forum just changed the title, without any website optimization.


5, the chain number is less

I just checked the whole data business forum, the general feeling of weight, the PR value is 0, other data also suck, for "electricity business circle game" section, as a sub section of the forum, the general weight transfer, that is to say this section is not what benefits can be obtained.

users are not active How many

6, no specially optimized

1, weight transfer

focus on the electric business circle of friends all know the business competition to host the forum discussion forum has long ranked first place ranking, later gradually decline, there is a period of time even to page second this morning. In fact, long before you want to say it is not in the first cause analysis, summed up the following points: today a lot of Qi

compared to last year, A5 Bo excellent section, this section of the electricity supplier players less attention, users participate in the low degree of activity is not enough, the traffic is not high, the readability is relatively poor, of course, how many PV little, this is also the number of entries in a relationship, love Shanghai nature that it is not the most popular Wang, is not the most popular, so it is not in the first row.

Qi has been found several problems of the forum, including back time forbidden, refresh time unable to access the forum, picture display is not normal and so on, are posting to the organizers put forward proposals, submitted to the people said, but the problem has been kept in, really helpless.

Analysis of

2, the original article rarely

3, poor user experience

written in the end, the official website of the ranking and we do not have any relationship, only pay attention to more qi. Although a lot of dissatisfaction with this game and the organizers, but after all, people give us such a platform to compete, but also to make friends with each other to our understanding of the opportunities and improve the ability of Shanghai dragon opportunity, wish a better development of the electricity supplier forum.

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