Talk about how to do the chain increased the weight of the website

network distribution rate of key sections of the anchor text.

a lot of network promotion personnel will release information on the information platform, promote our medical website is no exception. Basically every medical site will do a pure link promotion. So what is called pure link? The so-called pure link promotion is directly through the list of the source URL plus the original article slightly changes, merged into a piece of information in the information release platform. Pure link function is a direct extension of Web site to the article, increase the weight of ranking and the entire site. In order to make the best choice of the effect is significant, contains a relatively high site, such as a good speaker, hurry up and other large information platform.

is the anchor text directly in the form of a hyperlink, the article will focus on the promotion of direct links to related keywords for the column etc.. Choose to do the anchor text of the platform should be diversified. If the platform is too single, love Shanghai spiders may think you cheating, but also if the anchor text coverage is not wide enough nor from the spider crawling. Popular is the network to spread bigger the more can you catch more fish.

In addition we choose

believes that the first thing is to open the computer every day, many webmaster, look at the weight of their own website has not improved, there is no relevant ranking promotion. Do website external links and internal links is the main way to improve the weights of the website, this article on how to do the chain increased the weight of the website.

Two, strengthen the website keywords,

, a selection of high weight, high included promotion information platform to link the pure.

platform to do promotion, also should pay attention to the weight of the platform itself, love Shanghai, YAHOO included high, no >

if only the promotion of a unilateral platform, such as the only forum signature, Forum promotion, a unilateral promotion blog promotion. It is not very fast, but also very easy to make promotion personnel fatigue, so that when the anchor text must be diversified platform. At the same time to ensure the diversification of related columns of keywords. For example, do promotion on abortion cost, is not limited to the cost of the word people do link address, word flow cost should be diversified, such as stream of people how much money, how much money do flow etc.. But the promotion personnel must own a few, he is for the promotion of which word by word long tail diversification they must be clear, this can facilitate the promotion of staff performance evaluation.

in Shanghai Longfeng partners know there is a word in "the chain for the emperor, the chain is king, the chain on the website of the importance. I don’t know of any other medical websites to improve their website weight method in addition to the requirements of writing and editing in any other way. I work site requirement after editing every finished article must do some effective outside chain extension. During the implementation of the chain promotion, I learned a lot, also got some achievements, the first experience to share with you.

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