Precise positioning let enterprise website optimization set in front of the line!

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from Shanghai Dragon technology, looking for website optimization master on the website ranking and make the traffic is not too difficult to do, at best, by bidding can also give the site to flow. But the website promotion of one of the most critical problem is that how can flow into the consulting and sales order? This link is for us to deeply analyze and plan. Because of the limited space, here you can go to a long and minute statement, Shanghai dragon Jones website article.

The above is my site in

3, planned to browse to the site from the consultation to the sales process

4, according to the development plan of developing long-term positioning, and strict implementation of


2, our colleagues, to meet customer demand what? What did the lack of


as the saying goes: the enemy awareness! In the increasingly fierce business competition today, the site must be according to their various advantages to develop their own core strengths of products and services. Opponents do well where we need to learn, and do better; the opponent does not have the main attack direction for us, this is the only way in the hearts of visitors developed a blue ocean belongs to the US, avoid the price war to damage the interests of the enterprise. Recommend we can look to share the "Shanghai dragon Raiders strike opponents read on how to locate the website"

each kind of products and services can not meet all the needs of the people, are aimed at certain groups launched. So, figuring out the purchase crowd characteristics, their age, interest, character, occupation, area is the object of our analysis, we need to conduct in-depth analysis. Our web site should be how to do the content in order to attract them, how to lead them to our deep web browsing, stays for a long time, how can the transformation for browsing

website development is not a short duration of time things, we have a long-term plan for the time needed to reach what effects are determined, regular inspection, analysis and summary, continuously adjusted according to the problems encountered. Especially not three days fishing nets two days of drying is to establish the right strategy for success persevere to the.



site is on the line before the Shanghai dragon must do a good job, accurate positioning will make your website optimization work twice if the location error, will lead directly to the optimization process within the foreseeable future, so that the development of enterprises suffered losses. How to locate their own website? Today, Shanghai dragon Jones to share a few ideas.

positioning to give some of your suggestions, I hope to inspire you. Welcome to Shanghai dragon Jones Senior Section of the 贵族宝贝 website optimization Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝/gaoji/ to learn more in-depth exchanges. This paper by Beijing Shanghai Longfeng Jones starting A5, please keep the

1, enterprise website to serve those people

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