404 jump to the home page should be K, and how to set up 404

Date: Fri, 05 Nov 2010 15:16:02 GMT

please note that custom 404 error page to return 404 status code

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

included some time ago I suddenly reduced a lot, very depressed, do not understand what the problem is (because I am the conversion from DEDE to DISCUZ X1.5) after conversion included are normal, but the site has been K. I finally found the original 404 blame!!! After I modified.. The website snapshot finally

on the "200" state of the situation we have talked about above, then, when the 404 page is returned to the "302", the search engine will be how to treat? Theoretically, the "302" error, the search engine that the page is there, only a temporary change in the address, will still be included in the index this page will appear the same repeat text problem is similar to the "200" state code; secondly, the scope of the mainstream search engine by the noble baby as the representative of the 302 redirect the increasingly stringent requirements, there is a big risk of this kind of improper use of the 302 redirect.

Results for: 贵族宝贝LQ.HK/444

Last-Modified: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:02:34 GMT


in custom 404 error page setup is finished, be sure to check it is not able to correctly return 404 status code. You can use the Server Header inspection tool, enter a web page URL does not exist, return to check HTTP Header, make sure the return is 404 Not found".

often see many websites take the custom 404 error page like this form: first display an error message, and then, through the Meta Refresh page will jump to the website home page, page map or other similar pages. According to the specific implementation in different ways, these 404 pages may return 200 status code, may also return to the "302", but no matter what, Shanghai dragon from a technical point of view, is not a suitable choice.

website by K, how to correctly handle the 404 error page

Because the 404 HTTPThe website

Server: Apache

ETag: " 9000000000319-eff-4939653042280; 4944f7f75>

LQ Manicure returned results are as follows: (right)

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