A new method of negative user experience Shanghai dragon attack

wrote the user experience data may affect search rankings. Love is love, click on the Shanghai Shanghai fast row is the application of click ratio ranking.

attack is the use of user experience other user experience data such as bounce rate and residence time is thinking of the influence of the rankings, since a good user experience, help ranking, can give the competition website creating bad user experience data, and then reduce the rankings to see examples?.

Two months before

so, someone in my blog of Shanghai Dragon Technology Related words in the hands and feet. One kind of anonymous I can’t free fast? Is this ah, don’t click rate to brush more than 1000. This is what

search "Shanghai Dragon Technology" to access the site out rate is 98.88%, the residence time is 5 seconds, was a lot worse than normal access. Before a screenshot in the normal word click rate is so, because in the traffic statistics septum farther, not all drawings, only to see a:




100% bounce rate, residence time of 1. "Shanghai Dragon Technology" the word has several real search traffic and data, the word "Shanghai dragon ranking optimization software".

common negative Shanghai Longfeng method has time to elaborate on the main post today said negative Shanghai Long Fengxin recently discovered a method of attack: user experience. This is my blind name in the news, English in Shanghai Longfeng have not seen the report, so it is not English name, but I have to see someone who is trying to.


can clearly see that the click rate is a problem, but this is not what I do in such fast row. "Shanghai Dragon Technology" the word ranking in the second page, click to rate may reach 47%? Even ranked third, with 158% hits what? I didn’t know what VV is Shanghai dragon. What is the click rate of 1038%? From the previous data, it does not show the amount of these words is a brush, such as "Shanghai dragon ranking optimization software", this word can not be a day to show the amount of up to more than 100, almost never seen this word before.


is a Shanghai Shanghai dragon day love flow and key words Webmaster Platform part one day last week at the Wikipedia:

search engine is one of the most complex systems, because of complexity, to avoid loopholes 100%. Some Shanghai dragon to his own website ranking is not good, but the study of how to pull down the malicious competitors, this is the negative Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon negative. This is very boring, but in reality happened every day.

look at the traffic statistics we would know:

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