According to user needs, the layout of the site is to enhance the ranking of the foundation

industry: Industry Analysis analysis of user needs, determine the target keywords website optimization.

bad site layout, a high bounce rate, a low PV. The basic index website bounce rate, PV and web site back rate, search engine is easy to judge. Such as: out of a web site, PV is lower than the average rate is higher than the standard of the same industry, the search engine will determine the site for "unqualified website", in the course of time, will lead to the site of the credit is reduced, included reducing the phenomenon of snapshot. The basic layout of the site is the site, the basis is not good, is also a waste of effort.

According to

careful readers may find Zi Ming on the first screen in order to better show the contents of the exhibition, round figure is also removed. Now the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, love to do round ginto in navigation below, some even doing great.


3, the following content: the layout of the navigation is very important, the content is the key to keep the user’s navigation, the content should not put what? What? A webmaster to do the analysis of industry needs to determine. For example, the convenience of the reader to understand.

research found a noble baby, ordinary users to open a web page, if the screen does not appear the first web users to find content, so 70% of users will choose to close the window, open the page to find content. Maybe some people will be surprised, some people may doubt this data, but the fact is, allow all doubt.

reasonable site layout is a keyword to rank well. It also allows the user to quickly find the key web content and services, so as to improve the conversion rate. Reasonable site layout is suitable for user experience, according to user needs to design the website. Meet the needs of the user site, users will give it up "point".



example: Jimmy is now responsible for the website called green landscape, the key word is "rockery production", the analysis found that users find the most content is the method of making plastic rockery stone, followed by the relevant problems about plastic rockery stone production, followed by the construction company for the rockery. According to the three user demand characteristics, Zi Ming’s left in the navigation below "rockery production" column, the middle "solution" column, the right put company contact. As shown in figure

understand the importance of site layout, here is how to design the site layout of Ming analysis according to user needs, specifically in three steps.

2, the layout of navigation: according to the target keywords determined, according to an order from left to right layout to navigation. The layout of the navigation need to pay attention to a little, the navigation bar above the title key words don’t appear not, the reason is very simple, most users are entering the website home page through the title keyword, need only see the search for relevant content keywords and other content with yourself, instead of reading, but also interfere with the user.

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