The reason on the website keywords ups and downs

for the website optimization personnel is the most headache thing website keywords and website I recently encountered such trouble, always have the morning afternoon keyword ranking dropped, and the most sad thing is off, the need to continuously optimize a week, until Thursday in Shanghai after the update of love keyword ranking will recover. Next I will own website ranking bully for any number of reasons to say, when they don’t make my mistake.

site keyword ranking dropped, website snapshot is not normal, love Shanghai included is not increased, my brain is in chaos, so the original plan to send thirty every day outside the chain, every day now only ten, still do not know is not valid outside the chain; the original chain is sent every morning, it is to want to be hair. For the website optimization, the chain does not have the rule and the number of unstable but this is a big taboo, but I have made such a serious mistake, regret a previous mistake!

company developed a new keyword Standard Commission, in order to get more money, I will be the original website some useless keywords are removed, and the site title, keyword tags and description tags are adjusted, adjusted after I immediately went to some high weight forum sent a few outside the chain, then found no keyword ranking, the title is not the website in this is easily changed, I tasted the bitterness.

second, change site title, keywords and description

website after being hung up the black chain, not only the keyword ranking dropped, but the website snapshot also become normal, I personally think that the website snapshot is not normal, that love of spiders in Shanghai have not been updated website content website, even if the poisonous spider does not know, beenincluded still will not increase, just do not update the site information. Then the people understand their own website, although the snapshot is not normal, but the love of spiders in Shanghai have been to the site, so the site still need to update the content.

The website keyword ranking

server is the first solid foundation website optimization, only a stable and secure server to ensure the normal operation of the website, because my site where other sites on the server background there are loopholes, so that the server permissions are extracted, hackers use software easily in my website to hang fifty black links, will originally weight weight not all are to go high.

The First, the

third, website content update

fourth, irregular external links

decline is not terrible, good attitude is the most important, to find out the reason why the website, you can continue to hope, smoothly done or easily solved, their site ranking also can recover as soon as possible. Please note: 贵族宝贝


server security hidden trouble that the site was hung black chain

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