Xiao Jun case analysis of the chain strategy in Shanghai Longfeng in effect

we often search keywords often encounter the keywords ranking page, and did not appear in some snapshots! I think there is a lot of people think, a web site to a web site outside the keywords ranking can do very badly, will think this kind of website in the use of the strong Shanghai Dragon Technology Optimization above, I used to have this idea, often when a search keyword will appear irrelevant to a site, will think there is a problem of search engine, or the chief of Shanghai dragon is very powerful, it is not what is done for these, you can also do the chain strategy in Shanghai dragon in today Xiao Jun1 with his site of Shanghai Longfeng development and some cases and the.

can of course this problem may also be due to the high weight keywords import links are sufficient to maintain this situation, but I blog in the early development of Links even for less than one, what is found each other after both sides add a link to my blog included only one page of love sea resolute will I the link is removed, the establishment of independent blog because I was only half a month, only included the home page, and Changsha Shanghai dragon I had only one month later before the appearance, when the Guangzhou Shanghai dragon the links are coming back, so that my blog basically can be ignored.


this is what I said earlier in the search for a keyword, the search results have not found the phenomenon of keyword ranking page snapshot, and because the dream in the title and description of the official site is not found GBK words, I think before I never will have it, in fact this is no doubt that search engine problems, as long as the combination of factors in search engine ranking is very easy to find, content, chain and influence keywords ranking keywords > import links

love Shanghai search keywords GBK. Official rankings love Shanghai second

because a lot of people have asked me this question so it analyzes my blog, following a more obvious example, search keywords GBK and UTF8 love Shanghai, dream official website appear at the top, because the same so only list the keywords property analysis of a specific look.

in my blog now has a lot of Shanghai dragon have asked me a question, why my blog can also in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Changsha ranked first in this website? I had Changsha Shanghai dragon, has been able to maintain before the keywords ranking, in addition to this reason, there are is the use of the chain strategy, at the later stage of the keywords to do some within the chain, with the main keywords ranking good reason, the keywords are naturally attached to do up, this amendment website will have such experience, after making new keywords will still have good old words ranking.

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