Yishui view relationship to talk about website optimization and the structure of the human body

do website optimization for a long time, met the most is nothing more than home page optimization, articles, links to such problems, I can not help it will be linked to these problems and the structure of the human body, do site optimization as a person, people have a brain, bones, flesh, meridians, homepage, content, keywords, inside chain net station etc..


site within the chain as the meridians and meridians throughout the body, and plays an important role in making various organs of good coordination, is the main channel of systemic blood running, in the same chain to our site, throughout the site, is the main channel of the spider crawling, the body meridians can not connected, but can not appear meridians no symptoms, but the site within the chain is also so, the chain is not the more the better, should pay attention to the distribution and form, and can not appear dead links, link error phenomenon. Source: 贵族宝贝hqbank.cc Yishui webmaster from original, please specify.


on the front page of the site like the human brain, the importance of comparable importance, the brain is self-evident, so is the website home page, we want to optimize a station, first to optimize the site’s home page, especially for the love of Shanghai optimization, because love Shanghai for your home page weight is very high, higher than any other search engines, so we have to do is to let the mind clear, eliminate distractions, remove evil thoughts, applied to the website optimization is to determine the home key, reduce redundant code (code optimization), the removal of cheating information etc..

layout architecture as the bones, bones propped up in the body, but our website is to use keywords architecture to support, when we remove pictures, flash, the contents of the article, there is a layer of keywords architecture, of course, the human skeleton structure is in accordance with certain rules, determines the skeletal architecture the appearance, appearance of beauty and ugliness to influence others to your evaluation, the evaluation on the website’s user experience, so we should be user centered in the keyword layout structure, reflects the user wants to see the information, make users want to see the form of information expression.

site within the article is equivalent to the muscles throughout the body, attached to the bone, there are a lot of articles, ZhengZhan everywhere, but optimized for very successful website, these articles are not loose, they cling to the keywords architecture, from the layout of the keywords of the position and the form of decision. However, everyone should be the flesh and blood are not exactly the same, our article is too much, the copy will be right down the search engine.


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