About Alt and Title of the two label usage

Title: the label link notes.

Alt and Title two label usage, we usually are in use, recently a lot of friends ask such a question, how to use these two labels should be good in Shanghai Longfeng in? Here is what Qingyong personal understanding and practice, talk about their own suggestions:

because the search engine page source code, if the links or images with the Title or Alt tag, but also be helpful to such a key of the ascent (do not deliberately use these two labels to add a keyword density).

Title label: mainly on the link to comment or strengthen the function, there may be friends will ask: " link is the text, why should strengthen? ". In fact, when we call a content page title when, due to the layout of the page or appearance may, will only display the content page part of the title text, so, this time to do this link on Title, search engine users or the link to this understanding is not better at.

Alt: the role of image annotation tags;

read the above comments, everyone may already have their own answers to.

if a picture is linked with Title and Alt, these two labels should be how to deal with

For ?

users, if the wrong URL a picture or because of the reason of the network open, if the picture has a Alt tag, so the picture wrong position will display the Alt annotation content to the picture, so the user experience has also played a role for.

1, do Alt tags; we can think, if the pictures on Alt, then combined with the above two label notes, then the search engine will understand the meaning of this picture, we took this picture link as well as text links (have pictures on Alt this time, we label), again.

here is both put together just in front of our analysis are separate, a picture with the links in many phenomena such as some kind of products, or the mall ". Here are what Qingyong advice:

first, we look at their Alt and Title these two labels represent what meaning.

Alt label: mainly comments on the role of pictures, because of a lack of current search engine spiders on the picture of the judgment, so here add to the picture of Alt, can play a role for picture naming, make the search engine more clearly a picture of the meaning of.

this question may we often meet questions:

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