f the website is not to talk about the role of internal link optimization

in the web site, users in the website, it is in doubt for some words on the page? Will get lost in the web page, you want to find little page? Although internal links is an attraction add a ZZ optimization for crawling, but internal link building is the overall site planning the. Complete loss of internal link optimization, can also affect the user experience of the website. Thus, a chain optimization not within the site, will greatly affect the user access and deeper page browsing. More visible, well within the chain optimization website, not only to enhance the user experience of the website, improve website impression, reduce website bounce rate, more conducive to enhancing the overall weight of the site (the site also search engine users love love website).

think, site of the Shanghai dragon optimization only through the construction of the external links and content construction to complete, no internal links involved, the website will be what kind of


3. if no chain optimization, talk about how to improve the inside pages long tail keywords ranking

as a webmaster all know, along the link level of a spider crawling. Assume that a web page without any links to other pages, the spider always stays in the home page, the spider crawling effect of enthusiasm, so he was included are few. Perhaps only a few pages (the home page, or may be included by external links). The other extreme, just in order to optimize the chain verification, can let the spider crawling through a link, more deeply, stay longer, crawling more thoroughly. On the other hand, without the chain optimization website will make the spider crawling is not smooth, reduce the number of crawling, grabbing quantity reduction. Grab the shortage will affect the web exposure rate, flow reduction is inevitable.

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2. if no chain optimization, what about ascension spider crawling depth, "included

according to statistics, Shanghai dragon optimization do good website, home page traffic accounted for 5%, visible, more traffic sources within the pages of key words long tail off. Obviously, no do chain optimization will lose a lot of traffic. Internal chain.

1. if no chain optimization, talk about how to enhance the user experience of the site

every day?

"content is king, the chain for emperor" by most Shanghai dragon Er too much sought after. A website from the building after the construction of the external links began. The new website weight is very low, there is no influence and authority in the Internet, most webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er that add the appropriate external links will help site weight accumulation. Had participated in a training, the teacher said the new chain release strategy: just set up websites every day issued 5 chain; the home page was collected after every release 10 chain; to be included within the pages, every day issued 20 outside the chain of more than 3 months; 50 new sites, released every day outside the chain more than half a year; the daily release amount will increase. Just think, if a stand of ten years, how many want to send the chain


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