High quality content push skills let B2B industry website traffic doubled

B2B website is a platform, a market, good and bad, valuable information is of little value, and as a platform operator, we have the responsibility to "push" website content to the user, allowing users to first see is the high quality content, is promoted one of the methods of user experience, but also make the search engine of B2B industry site high weight, increase the user experience, search engines, much higher ranking, natural flow will rise. Some of the many people at QQ said: Li Xuejiang, you help me look at our website, I found the most good websites do not have serious problems in content push.

to take charge of business information ranking, priority display, such as: the supply of information, business information and other sellers information collation is the charge ordering information before, otherwise do not meet the profit model. In the website home page and column page, also recommended the product information display fee (convenient search grab, the latest information also want to find a place, but the charges) product information is not necessarily the most content rich, the quality of information, and the first show high quality content contrary, how to to solve this problem?

business shops, a lot of functions, but also it is very beautiful, but the website home page, column page display shops, or search results pages of the shops are not much content, or content quality is too low, or too poor reading experience, a comprehensive domestic well-known B2B website also has the same serious the problem. There are search results pages, most of them are no map, content editing, rarely very messy products. The information industry, industry technical knowledge and other information, some did not recommend reading the content, or is not recommended to the quality of the content, whether it is for the user, or search engine, is a bad experience, to improve the rating of the search engine on the web, increase the amount collected and keywords ranking, it is necessary to push to do the contents of the. In turn on those who do very good B2B industry website, you will find their content push most of the work done well.

1 business column priority show rich product content charging enterprises and business information


must provide more services to member fees, use more services to help customers improve the artificial information, as long as customers make money, we should assist the clients to input information, photos, customers do not understand the entry that information should urge customers to provide the corresponding information, if the customer is not positive, stating its pros and cons, told they, if buyers see a company information is not perfect, they do not understand, do not trust the conditions, will not contact you, which will make money effect, we must ensure that the information is perfect. The first time the customer may tell you very busy, many reminders several times, have good service patience, must make the most of the customer’s product information is very rich, high quality content. The content of quality evaluation mechanism when the product is released, the quality score for content, >

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