Before in Shanghai Longfeng need to do user experience Optimization Planning

most of the time, the webmaster friends in Shanghai Longfeng, discussed the most is how to do the chain, how to update the content. Ignore the original purpose of our website. We do, is to give the user, in order to give users the practical information, the only way to get long and orderly development of the website. Not blindly to please the search engine, if a site of the Shanghai dragon do very well, but in the user experience but do not in place, then, even if the Shanghai dragon import more traffic way, just to let users do superficially like a passer-by, and not let the user really visit into our website, the website can not become a real user. So, this paper is for the user to talk about how to build a high degree of user experience website.

third, made the first step and the second step, the user came to our website, does not mean that the user can become our loyal users, people may find useful information after the head is not back away, so we have to think of ways how to let the user be visiting for the first time we visit customers let users visit, become our loyal customers. There are many ways, the most classic is the most extensive, user requirements when landing to obtain the information of the user site to make good move, give the user reward. Of course。 This ridge is to have a degree, I had to do a forum, because start sharing information need to see a lot of posts to make many users feel laborious which leads to a gradual loss of users.


is the second, web page design, users come to our website, does not mean that people will be able to adapt to the style of our website. And we design a web page, it is impossible to adapt to the extent of everyone. However, people are inert, concise in our website design, navigation column design in place, at least they will not produce resistance to this website. I remember a senior once said to me, a good user experience of the website, must allow users to find the information you need within three steps (a point for some comprehensive website, perhaps a bit unrealistic). However, this also explains, concise, is the users of love. At the same time, a simple structure of the website, either in user experience or in our daily management, it is very necessary to.

first, the website title and description. A web site’s title and description, like a house door and window. From the search engine to the user, the first sight is our website title and description. So, the title of the website is directly related to the user’s first impression on our website, if not into our website directly resent our website. It directly decides that we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization work can achieve the maximization of benefit. Therefore, before the Shanghai dragon, we consider the title, should not only consider the applicability of the Shanghai dragon is also given to the user experience is good.


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