Discussion on search engine does not include the normal operation

2, the search engine doesn’t love those hidden links. May link is not intentional, just from the aesthetic angle will hidden links in the graphic, which may lead to a search engine that is not included. The hidden links include links hidden in a transparent image or link will be a lot of hidden in the small picture or the same as the general text, no special label web links.

The above points is >

1, do not submit duplicate domain name or web page. Now the search engine has been completely intelligent, as long as you submit once, it will remember, if there is no display, probably because not too many rows on you. Can not be repeatedly submitted, otherwise it may cause the search engine does not include the consequences.

6, the use of blog comments frequently posting, hidden links to your web site. This is to increase the number may reach your site through pollution blog. This is the contempt of search engine link to the quality of evaluation, this approach is as long as the search engine detective, the site will be search engine delete.

4, registration of multiple domain name bombing. This is some new approach, this approach often wishful thinking, with a small smart, actually search engine can identify. The registration of a lot of domain name, but so many domain name will use the same address, as a master, also soon be able to do the station identification methods of search engine, only selectively included, serious cases will also master page fengdiao.

3, directly copy the page and the mirror ". The intelligent search engine can make the automatic selection of a display in the search engine results in multiple websites the same mailbox. Noble baby and Yahoo engine has patented technology to identify duplicate web pages, so now directly copy the web pages and web image it is very OUT, will lead to a search engine is not included.

5, some unreasonable steering. Of course, some turn to a new page for the visitors to have a role, it is reasonable to. But some illegal steering more steering techniques such as the use of porn sites, makes users unable to choose, was forced to open its web page, which is on the visitor’s deception, is also a contempt for the search engine. The search engine is zero tolerance for steering the illegal and unreasonable.

site, updated every day, insist on the creation of the soft, its purpose is to arouse the attention of search engines, make oneself in the search rankings. But for many new friends stand may feel rather baffling, the search engine is not included, or only included the home page, do not know which violated the law. Some people do not want to love down his own cleverness to save manpower or promotional costs, sometimes the effect is just the opposite. The following, according to author’s experience, this tells us website external promotion several illegal operation, hope that we can avoid detours.

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