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Line, the IPO issue price of 3300 yen per share. The company will be listed in Tokyo and New York in July 14th and July 15th respectively. This is likely to be the largest technology company in the IPO in 2016.

looking for new users

Line’s messaging service Empire has 218 million users, while ecosystem services involve games, expression packs, taxi services, and streaming music. Line is now trying to tap beyond its home markets. This means that the company will face larger competitors directly, such as Facebook and Tencent.

Line said in the announcement, based on the previous issue price range of 2900 to 3300 yen, investor demand is far more than the company’s prospectus. While investor demand is strong, the Line’s IPO remains attractive despite turmoil in the UK off the market referendum.

at present, we have a nationwide "Beauty & Fashion Life Museum more than five hundred, in addition to Taiwan and Tibet, almost every province has our shadow. Most importantly, in many city, Nalan are made in the first local brand, often by the local newspapers and fashion magazines as the beauty of choice. And these stores are more amazing turnover, ten days turnover exceeded fifty thousand, one hundred thousand yuan shop countless. Of course, this is the core reason why the headquarters dare to put the sales commitment into the contract the first in the Chinese beauty chain enterprises.


unique beauty brand "Xin Di Rui La", "Bei LAN Phil" two major brands, dozens of series. Nationwide Baran only in the store in sales. China has the first "Beijing Department of dermatology expert remote diagnosis" system. Solve a blank in the field of high-tech beauty video! Exclusive American T& M company; mercury type three the right to use the equipment, "Diana six" patent technique, unique fragrance DIY experience, "Chihiro next generation" S65 system large area China Suji slimming only, is a leading industry reputation is very long.


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, everybody:

, the professionalism of nalan. Beijing, 2003, spring and summer, during the SARS, the streets were almost empty. The headquarters of the Jingan center, 99% companies choose holiday business, only Narang, none of the staff in the off-site, all around the store give advice and suggestions for. Building the other layer twenty layer is silent, because it reflects the style of racket! A company idea: we each people are "Nalan, pragmatic idealist. We are dreaming, breathing, sleep even cause Nalan — as the slogan on the wall: we also full of dreams, convulsed with fear, frantically trying every way, in order to make a success,

goes deep into the Line ecosystem,

Line, the parent company, is Naver, the South Korean Internet giant. Currently, the app has 218 million monthly active users, offering free calls and messaging services, and earning revenue through facial packs, sales, games and advertising. In recent years, Line has been developing other services, such as streaming music and mobile taxi, to compete with rivals such as WhatsApp and WeChat. Line’s current goal is to tap the Asian market and enter the United states.

Narang, brand ownership held for Beijing’s Blue Technology Co. ltd.. The company has a group of management, collection of cosmetics production plant Asia’s largest production base of amino acid, consulting enterprises Beijing Hao Chi Cci Capital Ltd Beijing, R & D beauty enterprise classic beauty beauty company as a whole. It is a rare all-round comprehensive enterprise in china.

Line is currently leading the market for messaging applications in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. Line did not choose to start with Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp in Europe and America

Line will sell 13 million new shares in Japan and sell 22 million shares in New York. If there is over subscription, then Line can also start an option to sell an additional 5 million 250 thousand shares.

many people ask: "why, develop so quickly?" we think this may be with his ideas about. When other companies to receive franchise fees when focused, but the support of Nalan each of the stores as a top priority. The secret of distinguishing whether a company focus on customer service service is: the number of their customer service department is large enough, at least more than 200 people now, customer service service, unique in the industry.


in the case of excessive subscription, the Line IPO will finance 132 billion 800 million yen about 1 billion 300 million U.S. dollars. It will be one of the largest IPO companies in Japan since the Japanese post was listed last November. Recently, the IPO market in the technology industry is sluggish, and Line’s IPO will be a litmus test for the market.

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, Beauty & Life Museum

, Tencent, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese news application Line announced on Monday in New York and Tokyo listed on the IPO initial public offering issue price. As the market demand, the issue price in the previously announced interval on-line. This means that Line will finance 115 billion 500 million yen $1 billion 140 million.

Line’s intelligent portal platform

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