Discussion on advertising price factors of shlf1314Share Wangzhuan process over the past year on how

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ad price:

do not make money specifically, apply quickly, try to know.

takes the road to the Internet, not the first wish. In fact, many successful Wangzhuan initially didn’t want to leave Wangzhuan Road, because of the higher the road is not easy to walk, very difficult, like business, as early as the sea more development, then the sea is too difficult, a lot of people to live to the sea, the same, go the way a lot of Wangzhuan is because I was forced to! One of them, have embarked on the road of wangzhuan. First before I introduce Wangzhuan experience, is also the first detailed disclosure of these experiences.

Wangzhuan has been for a whole year, through a year of toil, waddling, joy and sadness, a lot of emotion. The value of fly network www.y7f8.cn station in 1st anniversary on the occasion, I will with 3 articles in words recorded a year to Wangzhuan as a narrative experience, leaving the mark for one year Wangzhuan career. To fly network has been concerned about the brothers and sisters to bring some inspiration, welcome your patience to read, I believe that the experience will give some friends, especially around the Wangzhuan marginal, through the Internet to make new friends to bring a harvest.

first states that the algorithm for shlf1314 advertising prices is confidential. You don’t have to ask anyone, nobody knows.

"in the state-owned enterprises, work life worry, state-owned enterprises is the pension."." Most people think that… You may think I’ll stay here forever, though I find such a good job, but I don’t think so. Because from the beginning, when I entered the office work, my idea is to embrace learning technology. A newly graduated student can say nothing and what can I do? So, TV work is too new for me. It’s very attractive to me. Soon, a year later, all the work in the station has been mastered, so I became the main force in Taiwan

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in 2005 after graduating from University, I had the opportunity to enter the television a state-owned enterprises, then in the eyes of the students are very envious of the work, good treatment, work scenery, this is a publicity stage, but you may want to ask the enterprise TV station have what good news? It is large and small enterprises. Yes, work is video recording, writing and editing news. Although Taiwan enterprises, but the wages with the local Taiwan almost, than the local station workload workload is more relaxed, the rest of the weekend, five days three days is busy, that is to say a week is three days, because the state-owned units are open Monday to Friday meeting, the meeting on Monday and Friday is nothing to do, of course, busy time is also very busy, when journalists is the busiest people off the rest of the time, such as one new year will not come home, and on the thirty day following the leadership of the company production line condolences to the employees, because the enterprise is too large, light branch twenty or thirty, let’s say, the company’s main plant across three villages and towns, the factory staff of nearly twenty thousand people, the company leaders and the local mayor office is at the same level, but generally not so good Comparison. In short, three years of work, I still have so many places have not been to, and even do not know where.

shlf1314 advertising prices are several times or even several times the domestic advertising, in the current domestic advertising is very difficult to do, shlf1314 advertising is not an ideal choice, then


, that is, the most done click ads, gain revenue through user clicks. Chinese advertising is usually $0.10 / click this price means that, in general, the actual price fluctuates by the above factors. the English advertisement was $0.20 / click.

shlf1314 advertising prices are related to a variety of factors. For example: the location of the visitors, the time of the visit, whether it brings benefits for advertisers, the content of your web site and so on.

doesn’t range from a few cents to one dollar per share.

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