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from the 02 years since the industry Wangzhuan after retiring, only in the advisors work, assessment items, no production site. A flicker of ten years, such as one day, based on the positioning of onlookers, perhaps a sober look.

Why does

filed a reverse thinking logic, is one of the key standards of personal psychological quality assessment means that you have the basic ability in the industry one day Wangzhuan achievement.

we secretly thought: now the Internet speed, everywhere is the Red Sea, we can catch a blue ocean, so it is lucky; old beauty able to 40%, we estimate the proportion of the 1% or more conservative, our team is also very shining this background, the difference will not be bad too outrageous, it should still be 5%. So, such a calculation, to win 50-60 business customers still promising. There are so many business customers in hand, then we do not play casually in the capital market. Well, the future is bright. That’s all right,

"it’s just a marketing gimmick,"

world Wangzhuan, number of monthly successful probably less than 10 people, from the single "

pay attention to imitation, goals, ideas, planning and execution of various schemes, according to the author fifteen years Wangzhuan experience has not seen the success of the case, and not one, perhaps only the short-sighted, so inexperienced. We should know the profits from all Wangzhuan two and even many commissions of the Commission, the owner is the webmaster Yisifumu; advertisers is the head of the master, this is a completely non root industry, absolutely not applicable to any enterprise management scheme, because Wangzhuan webmaster can master the foundation is only duckweed small and very unstable.


, such as many people, often face the author’s inquiry: "

later, boss may also feel that the road is blocked, in order to find a way out, the company executives decided to transfer

Abstract: "how big is this market? I only eat 1%. It’s also very impressive," a similar statement is heard in the entrepreneurial circle. When entrepreneurs say this, they are filled with more than 1% fantasies. However, with a little calculation, we can see that it simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

problem? Think for 1 minutes, time begins……

"earned silver wait for others to know, why

delusion 1: in two years, we’re going to eat 1% of the market,

try so hard that the pay is always $10 a month?

, Wangzhuan success only in a "potential", the success of the flow to bring luck, at the time of the friction degree is very short, let not the slightest opportunity to imitate a little, and the key and the associated imperative is to play psychological. In the mind of the subject Puzhong, people chase under the effect of high intensity of infection, have a mutual inheritance nest and nest, which everyone lost.

According to the author’s opinion on ."How does

our products and services are still in the initial stage in our country, and there are few competing products. Boss’s dream is to be a benchmark in this vertical division. Start at the beginning, boss to our calculations: market penetration Chinese online management services to not even 5%, but Chinese has 12 million small and medium-sized enterprises, that is to say in the China there are at least 11 million of the small and medium-sized enterprises is uncultivated wasteland. In this segment, one benchmark enterprise old beauty can do to the market share of 40%, even if we just started a little worse than them, within two years, eat only 1% of the market, we can service about 100000 target customers. If we can hold more than 10 million enterprise customer resources, at that time, we can basically go to the D round, and the listing……

, like GG, CJ, Chen, $one hundred thousand, and even a million dollar check, are you faced with these big rewards incentives? Are you enough to come up with the basic idea of reverse thinking:

in one thousand people, nine hundred and ninety-nine people may be blind to the pursuit of a no exact answer, or a year, or three years, the actual chase is only never cognitive dark suspect, or just an elaborate hoax.

delusion two: we want to build a platform, do the rule maker,

later, we found that the actual walking is not expected so smoothly, and even can be said to go very hard. We thought 1% of the conservative goals, and after 1 years, we didn’t even achieve 1% of the conservative goals ie 0.01%.

earn tens of thousands of dollars a month?

"limited resources, infinite desire", a webmaster Wangzhuan success, must sacrifice thousands of people to success, how to get out of their own piece of the sky from the crowd, and then thinking achievement is unique, is entirely personal psychological quality level. Into the psychological misunderstanding imperceptibly is one of the main cause of the failure of people, in other words, Wangzhuan successful psychological quality cultivation is the only proper course to take.

dream, this is the entrepreneur buries in the heart, can provide the infinite power for the entrepreneur’s energy. But in the process of implementation, if the dream can not be disassembled into a step by step executable target, "dream" is likely to become a "delusion."". Volcano once worked for a start-up company that provides management software for the enterprise. As a person coming out of the start-up company, the volcano has experienced some seemingly "dream", more like "paranoia" development plan, here to share with you two deep delusions:

lottery in the world, the first prize winner about 200 people a day, the number of people getting rich every night 6000 people.

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