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in April 4th, the first case of H7N9 avian influenza appeared in our province. Wei Jianfeng micro-blog is filled with information about this disease complex, even professional doctor and don’t see the true face of the situation. So the inspiration flashed through Wei Jianfeng’s head: why don’t you develop a bird flu APP and let people who want to understand the bird flu have a channel for comprehensive scientific knowledge?

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in April at the beginning of the week, Hangzhou hospital surgeon Wei Jianfeng has been with H7N9 avian influenza "race".

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from the idea to the launch, "epidemic prevention Daren" only five days time, this speed makes this software developers some overjoyed. "APP Store generally from the application for approval to go through the need for half a month, and this 5 days on customs clearance, may be related to the emergency situation."." Wei Jianfeng says.

APP: "epidemic prevention" and "mastery of health"

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the next few days, "and Master" way out: in April 6th, Wei Jianfeng by telephone conference and communicate with team members, to determine the development of a bird flu APP, to finalize the requirements, software modules and functions; 3 days later, "Master epidemic prevention" concept figure released; on April 8th to 9, completed and through online in April 10th, the first; on the site, less than an hour to download volume of 500 times; in April 12th, "Master Android open version of epidemic prevention"; in April 15th, the apple version can be downloaded using the.

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"master" and "taxi", "dig money", "friends", "seismic", "online kitchen"…… In Hangzhou, there are such young people, they are keen to develop mobile applications APP, many of which also received angel investment favor. Recently, the reporter approached several "Hangzhou" APP R & D team, see a grassroots local mobile Internet entrepreneurs.


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Wei Jianfeng: Master of health, founder

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reporter saw, "Master epidemic prevention software includes" disease, disease prevention and disease opinion dynamics, four, from the day added a few patients to disease prevention knowledge, the authority of the official release, the avian flu information here.

introduction has "IT entrepreneurs paradise" reputation of Hangzhou, but also a variety of trendy APP birth of the land.

not long ago, a woman named "aunt," women’s menstrual management mobile applications, access to Bertelsmann’s Asian investment fund investment, real fund and investment millions of dollars of investment. This news, for the mobile phone application software research and development sector has been a "stimulant."".

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