Entrepreneurs only want to sign confidentiality agreements to protect creativity, but why repeatedly

has life and death, failure is success, and Silicon Valley is no exception.

below to take inventory of these failed enterprises.

total financing: $150 million

in fact, this is not associated with arrogance, the core reason investors do not sign a confidentiality agreement with the entrepreneurs is reality: every investor in contact with your project, may also need to have at the same time see or even have invested in many similar projects. Investors probably signed a confidentiality agreement, and would not vote for your project for example finally voted other similar projects, investors don’t want you to come up with a confidentiality agreement to come, accusing them of stealing your idea or leakage of confidential information to you, investors do not want to let this become a piece of paper a sword hanging over his head, the investment company’s investment management and communication have no effect.

has gone halfway through in 2017, and some of the $1 billion 480 million in corporate profits have come to an end.

Behind every one hundred million yuan level

Quixey disbanded most of its staff at the end of 2. The company recommends similar applications, content and features through advertising, search, social and information platforms. Although the founder of CEO Tomer Kagan was replaced in March 2016, it seems that the company has never found its foundation and no steady source of income.



Before the

total financing: $133 million

peak value: $600 million

1. Why are investors reluctant to sign confidentiality agreements?

2013-2017 years April >

February 2013-2017,

, however, Beepi’s failure was a mistake in knowing what to do, according to people familiar with the matter. It is said that a large portion of the money is spent on "very high wages" and overtime. At the same time, the company’s founder and management issues are break the pale.

Yik Yak

peak value: $560 million


a lot of entrepreneurs will be very worried at the beginning of the financing, disclose their ideas to investors are not familiar with, explain their pattern, or disclose their data, whether it should be signed a confidentiality agreement first, in order to prevent investors of commercial secrets own? Otherwise, and how to prevent investors own ideas or disclose the other confidential information to competitors or other people

unicorn, are countless record prices of the corpses.

‘s familiar with financing circle know, prior to the signing of a formal investment document with the investors, if the entrepreneurs or investors to put forward the requirement of confidentiality, a confidentiality agreement carefully prepared, in most cases, investors will give you the stinkeye, basic meaning is "the first venture capital financing? This ring has no rules

February 2009-2017,

1, legal questions,

round of financing, valuation of the company had reached $560 million, 35 investors including Yuri Milner, Comerica, Redpoint, Foundation Capital and Sherpa Capital.

of course, there are more practical reasons why investors are refusing to sign confidentiality agreements, such as:


entrepreneurs may feel indignant, this information is my work, if investors do not promise confidentiality, how can I show you that I trust, not easily won creative mode or program, data? Why investors can not accept such a reasonable request? Why investors would be so arrogant?


Beepi in the second-hand car market, second-hand car through the Beepi review process finally delivered to the new owners, thus bypassing the expensive cost and the dealer’s commission system, and its strong customer service service is a big selling point.

the first contact with entrepreneurs on behalf of investors in general is not a lawyer, professional investors to sign any legal documents or legal nature need outside counsel to review and modify, confidentiality agreement involves confidential information, confidential information using scope, intellectual property, security measures, and the duration of confidentiality of confidential information returned. These are in need of professional legal review.



used Beepi Auto Trader Corp in February this year, a complete collapse, before the acquisition plan failed to forming Fair, Beepi tried to bay another used car dealers also failed to sell their DGDG. As a matter of fact, this is also expected. Hunting cloud network in December last year reported Beepi appeared the problem of shortage of funds.

reality is that an investor representative may have to look at the 4 week project, more than 20 projects, more than 1000 projects each year, these projects will inevitably be business or cross competition, if an investment of thousands of parties signed a confidentiality agreement, even if investors can know the coverage of confidentiality information, investors and how to avoid the duty of confidentiality in the project and have been put into the project after the investment management on mine? It is common to occur is that investors signed a confidentiality agreement, the entire company all keep confidential.

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