The key is whether you are novice Wangzhuan actionMethods of exposure and beauty Wangzhuan !

first, I’m going to throw cold water on the newbie webmaster. Wangzhuan for the novice is not so easy. Get to the point, Wangzhuan is the primary goal in the pursuit of any webmaster, don’t tell me you are pure public! And your website wants to make money, you must have traffic, regardless of regular warfare, garbage station, everything is talking around the traffic. And how to do traffic, is a lot of novice webmaster in the site after the completion of the first threshold!

corn and a rabbit has a near Wangzhuan master, because the corn rabbit do a lot of garbage station, station and so on, regular warfare is not to let this premature end! Corn rabbit is very angry, why others are noisy can make money, but also a lot of money, why can’t I do is not? I’m too impetuous? Or am I not insist on my website? Or EQ enough? also say, I really like this, ha ha but I don’t plan to make money, ability to earn hard money every month I have the qualifications? So, I want to learn

For example, many people use the

2, beauty and traffic operation!

1, short passion isn’t worth it! Long lasting passion makes money!


A: get 100 number, the number 100 is set to women, and search for some girl’s life photos, not too beautiful, strive to real, data write hidden advertising, such as "my recent life according to web site: yumitu" and then use the teny software to the 100 all hung up online display! Then to each big city dating service to registered members the method of dating has been flooding, write the real credible partner, marriage information in the personal data not that you want to cheat ah, ha ha. Then make sure that these dating members are online easily accessible by online men and generally add this

expert told me a lot of web traffic surge, website publicity, website creative methods, so that my eyes will come out! Now my experience and Master Wangzhuan share one or two to the novice to see, and now work aside! As a long experience, and is one of the main ideas of this method! Bring you beauty, and Wangzhuan and experience.


plug-in, I do not want to touch, but since the existence of the plug-in, we are not unfamiliar, have to use it, otherwise the exchange when not get it, also has not used the plug-in regret, because anything there is reasonable! Many friends do Wangzhuan even some special features do not know, so we can not be less a Wangzhuan communication tool we must study thoroughly, because it can improve the efficiency of our work. So, I also tried a new , I use the purpose of plug-in is to understand, the end of the experiment to delete.

!The most effective

space, the secretary is the same, even if they do not usually use, but must go to download a try, the more operations, ideas wider, more experience. If you don’t know the registration League, you should try to register an alliance ad; if you don’t know the exchange chain, you can register an exchange alliance in person, and put the code into your blog or station to operate. A lot of people don’t understand how traffic stores and releases traffic, and it’s not understood for a long time, but it’s not necessary to explain it once you move it.

, Wangzhuan mainly rely on traffic! How do

beauty economy, this is a magic weapon has higher successful businesses including! As for how to use the method of beauty, is problem, do you think now beauty is vain to let you eye addiction? Many times past you may have in the unconscious beauty behind the operator contributed IP. Here’s a brief discussion of ways and ideas that you can use to accommodate

we usually start with, can not earn much money, when the right hand. When you need to do it, you can operate it, not delay how much time, accumulate over a long period of time, I believe that the ability to do their own poor, unsure of the people will be less and less, the quality of all Internet users will gradually improve. Finally, if you are beginner want to learn more knowledge to the team can Wangzhuan, under the banner of the Forum:, novice can see online video tutorial above is very helpful in understanding the wangzhuan.


many beginner in the golden Wangzhuan forum complaining of which will not will not, in fact a lot of friends reflect their hands-on ability, the fundamental reason is not formed to operate the habit, you know at any time to try some of the basic operations of our new benefits only, no harm. Regular practice can increase self-confidence, can enhance the ability to judge the right and wrong, but also to deepen understanding. Novice in stereotypes it is impossible to know the feasibility of the project project which can make money, the operation can be found over the problems, if not, only hearsay, only experienced things have a final say.


red Wangzhuan every day some members will also go to the space to play, can be said to be compulsory. farm has not used any plug-in, take a little time, both , but also work and rest, stealing vegetables, not guilty, we have developed a stolen food can not be stolen habits, see food stolen. But playing parking spaces on the rules more, and the general people will not do paste and report things like that. The master of a higher rank is wiser and knows each other well, and he will not make any destruction. Of course, there are some unruly people from time to time, but eventually they will become mature.

wants to get high traffic, and whatever method you need, it requires 100% effort and persistence, because only persistent passion can bring in benefits.