Shi Yuzhu page tour will explosive growth, suitable for young people EntrepreneurshipSP industry is

      I am not here today. It is without rhyme or reason., indeed I: three friends call in the evening I do messages: one who led a company listed in the United States, is currently a China customized ringing tone industry leader, is a representative of the backbone of South market, like an appointment the general told me three friends: it is not good business to do business, the industry has shrunk a lot over. These three points of view, I was a little silly, I really did not expect how SP overnight from the prince became civilians.

      a few years ago, SP mobile value-added service providers, commonly known as SMS company their time is very good, in order to expand its mobile phone when mobile data business interests, called on everyone to rise up, will the right to charge easily delegated to the SP, then the SP only click on the mobile phone users can receive money, regardless of whether you are not willing to receive this message, whether you are not willing to you don’t know that this message will charge innocent to the charges, then the market, bold heartless earn money, not a point, is many. Now, Liu Chengmeng created a mobile serendipitously in an industry, a charge by group by industry.


the meeting didn’t last long before giant management invited Wu Meng to join the giant.

giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu

giant force page tour strategy, is the 85 vice president Wu Meng added as a mark. At the beginning of February this year, President Wu Meng declared that the giant network pioneer officially joined as vice president, responsible for the planning and development of web games. According to the plan, the giant hopes to create a boutique page tour within 1 years, with 2 years time among the domestic page tour production first echelon.

, he also analyzes the two major features of page tour, short R & D cycle, low threshold, which are before the MMO can not compare advantages. "The client rush for 10 years, the development and promotion of the increasingly high threshold. By contrast, page tours are ideal for young people with dreams. I like to play games, and now I probably don’t have as much time to develop as I used to. If possible, I would like to spend a few months to try Webpage Game, see he is not old, "Shi Yuzhu said.

‘s ChinaJoy last week, Shi Yuzhu hosted dozens of page tour producers at the private club. Some people say with a laugh, excluding guests, including guests, the total amount of tens of billions of dollars. Shi Yuzhu this banquet, the theme for this year’s new web game strategy. He is very optimistic about the growth of the web game market, and this opportunity to invite the producers to exchange advice.

      in fact, the reason is very simple, not the industry has no future, you do not see 3G coming soon, mobile broadband is becoming wider and wider, consumer spending more and more mature? Are mobile phone users increasingly dependent on mobile phones? We saw it, but some of SP’s operators didn’t see it. What’s the reason? Because before the money or money is too easy, this time to rely on real skills, really, really hard to make money service times, the corsair never broke out again, and the people have lost confidence, indeed, who do not want to lie at home to earn money?! Of course, in that case, shuffling is a sure thing to happen. It’s a good thing, too

giant this year officially mentioned the page tour strategy height, attaches great importance to. Shi Yuzhu said in November last year, he had convened an internal meeting, then suddenly notified to a conference call to manager all products giant company’s largest room, telling Webpage Game in two years will face the explosive growth opportunities in the future, calling for all employees to embrace this wave.

 :     so, the Chinese Internet seems to have surpassed the United States overnight, and found an excellent profit model sms. Chinese stocks suddenly become prosperous, the United States NASDAQ half of the sky, professional portal, as long as the edge of the text messages are suddenly issued, the stock price is very good. But Chinese people are not fools, but found himself receiving messages must be paid when you quit, the complaint, at this time the society is harmonious, harmony is not incompatible with the Party Central Committee’s policy, so the Ministry of information industry regulation, they began to borrow mobile standard name will own position change "mobile information providers", SP very miserable fate, which we use to be suspected, investors’ money are caught, it also created the Internet today Chinese trough, China TMT venture capital investment trough.


Shi Yuzhu still wore his familiar red T-shirt and white trousers that evening, and was still barefoot in his opening speech. "Bald + bare foot" became, of course, many guests sent micro-blog fans please find the highlights of the material.


technology news July 31st morning news, said at a party during the period of the giant network chairman Shi Yuzhu ChinaJoy, web games will face the explosive growth opportunities, and the giants have begun to embrace this change. Shi Yuzhu says, with end swim doorsill is more and more tall, compared to, page swims very suit young people to start an undertaking.

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