The old station opened in March on a monthly income of 800 yuanEt 01.21-01.27 weeks amount has been

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today to stationmaster net look, was never love writing, always feel that typing is a dirty work! Or to recognize right now, maybe someone says your old station opened, you can make the site a monthly income of 800, simply do not believe, in fact my site has been open for several years. Has been flat-share space, just stop for a month, so that is new, remember two times before the GG update PR, 58UN from PR1 to PR0, that time will not have the.

these days, XXX, PK account is K, the monthly number of less than 1000 D, sh419 account is also prohibited search business!

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in April, flat-share in stationmaster net a space, and then put the site set up, has been very love DEDE, from the original version with him, I feel pretty good, mainly for sh419 included a very powerful! Now traffic is not large, stable at around 600 /IP, the 123456 is the background statistics password, open statistics is the end of April, just today is little more than three months, just opened the station when GG PR update once, from PR1 to PR0, has not previously hung in the station, for the record, the record failed several times! Perhaps the old domain name sh419 previously very cold, or how, as long as I have a domain name, the second day will update the home page, remember that there are several sh419 K, but I also included a change analysis.

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easy advertising alliance: 01.21-01.27 weeks amount has been paid in full, please check station to verify if there is any problem, please contact customer service. Customer service :319035193 183288818 319035197

tell me now, now the site of the PR3, sh419 also included 600+, maybe someone will say, you this rubbish station, how can you earn hundreds! Oh, actually stand for me, is a kind of complex, 04 years began for the station, but that was for free free domain name, the 05 year began to contact the GG and sh419, the GG and the sh419 super good application, remember that sh419 members can submit its own page that included sh419! GG was placed in the station, when it comes to money on the K GG K, a total of several have been! Do not rely on this money, are in a number of league play abroad, but also can be said to be B,! Literary talent is not good, said is a title to go to the station, or how close a little bit of money, because it is the PR3 station, the top selling some links, a There are two hundred months, though, little traffic, but also can be said to be one of the Internet industry, in the home to a development of Internet cafe system made an advertisement, not much, a month to 300 yuan, the top station website also put a 300 yuan / month advertising, now basically stable at around 800. Maybe some people will say you are not above put MM ads, it XXX, MM advertising low, a few cents a day, that is because GG did not apply for down, has been hanging in the above, "said funny, back to MM, I called together to discuss this some of the things and my website. This station >

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