Baidu, a Baidu has not been included in the webmaster monologue

a website, if it is your last hope, but you can’t do it well, I want to ask you uncomfortable,


as a five year old grassroots webmaster, can say is, experienced a boom and decline of China most of the Internet, don’t listen to, read should be small, early Sunbo, Hsinchu station system, created a number of heroes, qqjay. Sheng Qiang Wang, the snow may have the design, owners must be heard, but they are ordinary like everyone else, no name, just a dust in the Internet, because many owners have not become a business leader, a leader in the Internet, such as I expect is a website with a decent point, if it is your last hope, but but you do not, I would like to ask you sick?

as I expect is a decent life, every day has the value of busy, every day has its own harvest, but what I did not get, but the hero has been standing there, let us never willing to give up that we think we can, but since I am feeble today I have to admit, I was a loser, a loser will only admire and imitate, many times I analyze their own mistakes, I still had their own net PS but try every day and every day is not the same, the Baidu I have ignored the website 36 days, Baidu included or 0, my confidence in reducing every day.

I want to Baidu said, I give you 7 days, if not included me, I will really quit, or webmaster, I have never been a qualified webmaster, because I have never seriously adhere to, I have been in the suit, really tired, maybe I don’t really for really competition is too intense Internet fight, I want to say that the Internet gives us much hope, also give us too much pain, success here may be a dream, the dream will not become a reality.

finally, please don’t say I’m writing you guys, because I’m writing myself, and I hope everyone can help me.

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