Talking about how to make rational use of station station

most people’s consumption is irrational, and now we have to introduce webmaster friends who have irrational consumption, this article is A5 starter, I hope everyone will support!


1. buy host: "host rent cheapest, save money"

many novice webmaster can make such a mistake, is to buy time to buy the cheapest host, but also to large capacity, better than 1G, and even some 5 yuan of money can rent for 1 years (1G), the host let me depressed for a long time, I do not exclude those cheap IDC, but must see if 5 dollars can buy 1G host IDC eat what? My host is 100M to 5 yuan a month, speed has been slow! And 1G=1! 1G year 5, assuming a server capacity is 250G, so it is a annual income is one thousand yuan, even the management costs are not enough! But a lot of people will buy the cheap, was hung horse


2. buy ads: "buy the cheapest, and buy pictures ad"

master in alimama purchase advertising generally choose the cheapest to buy, between 1 – 1 hairs, novice love petty, so I will buy 1 AD 1 hair between the two, but the gap is the master to buy text ads, and advertising pictures do not buy non novice.

novices usually want pictures ads to bring in several IP, even if everyone thinks it’s possible? I bought a lot of 1 yuan a week’s picture ads, and even brought one IP?. But the master who usually buy text ads, although the price is the same, but they brought many outside the chain, even more than PR3 are possible, of course, in this regard, try to buy PR page! The latter included Baidu good page


3. buy program: "cheap, there is no good goods"

selling programs generally have such a category:

custom hair style: priced at one thousand yuan – between tens of thousands of dollars. Mostly for Internet companies or studios. Higher price, suitable for large companies or experts,


independent research: priced at fifty – hundreds of dollars between. Mostly individuals. Relatively moderate price, suitable for novice, rookie, after-sales service is good,


: reselling procedures: This is suitable for those who have some experience to use, the price is relatively low, most in the hundred dollars, half of the after-sales service, but does not mean that newcomers can not buy

In fact,

novice purchase program is mainly to see the customer service service, but most of them are not civilized situation began to buy, in fact, some time ago I found in the A5 forum several sell with a program, 1900 sets of source +A5 video tutorial + marketing software +2 million cross stitch etc.. Everyone sold for 50 yuan, but only one of them suddenly sold for $10

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