Analysis of new model of gallery material

wrote in the front: "the winter of the Internet is coming. GG is now a low price unit, and Ali’s mother isn’t making enough money to pay for the electricity.". Small sites, garbage station owners to earn money Yue more difficult.

, didn’t we think about our way out? Didn’t we think about what we should do in a few years if there were no Google ads and no mother Ali,


resources station, everyone should be clear, today I put me and my "I love map" story and tell you about it, I hope this immature solution, we can help.

I love the picture. Why is there a market?

know if you have noticed, that real estate advertising we usually see in the street, the effect is not some deja vu, yes, when most of the design companies are looking for online PSD file, find the material, or if they design buildings are called a what, not exhausted? So many people to buy material. But if compared to individuals, but also hope to free or spend less money to get more material.

what’s the mode of my love map,


if you open my love map, you can see my love figure, is actually a resource download station, page column is clear, for the first time to let visitors know what is the material of interest in what place? And the first time to find and can be downloaded to. For each newly registered member, I love the rights of the map, which is called the "picture currency". The newly registered members will be given some graphics coins, and can download one or two of these resources. Members downloaded one, feel the benefits, will remember my this site.

, how do I like the resources of the map,


I love the map, resources are mainly a few of my partners, because they are engaged in the design, how to keep some of their own resources and buy dozens of G, is a very good resource base, the resources that rely on these, later also rely on providing resources to members. Each member released some resources, we will give a certain amount of money figure. If the resources are particularly good, we’ll add some extra coins. With chart money, members can better download other people’s own, but there are some resources in the website.

what’s my profit model,


I love maps, mainly for groups that do the design. As they say at first, many companies and individuals want to spend less money and buy more material. But there must be some, he does not have so many coins in his hand that can be downloaded. Our income is mainly to test these members recharge, recharge the RMB into a certain amount of chart currency, and then the currency will be used to download the material. In fact, equivalent to the money to buy material, like our recharge map currency is phase

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