How to build a successful personal blog tutorial two website operations and promotion

this article only serves as a reference to some ideas and is not a detailed step of implementation. Because there is no established process and routine on this kind of thing.

most of the webmaster feel in the website operation and promotion is the most difficult, in fact, the website can do it, operation and promotion is the most important link. Why does website operation and promotion make people feel so difficult? Because do not have good idea and direction, even if did a lot of effort, but the effect is not apparent. So it feels like a difficult thing to do.

actually, this is a very important task besides thinking. Sometimes, the trick does not need more, and ruthlessly execute those strokes, but the effect is very good.

, let me first talk about website operations: what is website operation?

, in simple terms, is what you plan to do for your website. And how do you assign work each day to achieve what you expect?. It is actually a process of setting goals and achieving goals. We Chinese people pay attention to strategy, no matter how big your official, go out to fight, must first plan the program. So you want the site to do well, do a good job, must first develop a feasible plan. And, in practice, constant revisions to the best results can be achieved.

so how do you make a plan,


, let me give you an example of myself. When you look at it, you will probably understand it more clearly:

, like me, I’ve been running the network for a whole month, and of course I have a plan and an executive plan.

below, I will through my own case to some of our ideas and draw on operational programs.

first, I think the first blog from the media do not necessarily follow the traditional method to do, don’t have to do a single blog, or QQ, as long as the publicity and attract fans effect on it.

second, I’d like to look at some of the outstanding stations related to the current webmaster industry and analyze their users. First, I want to find out where my target user is.

third, I’ll analyze what the features of these stations are, where they attract users, or what special resources they have. What are the things I can provide, or which ones I can get beyond them?.

fourth, I also want to avoid their most powerful places and work out a website with my own features.

fifth, analysis of their promotion in the more effective way, which I can do, and can do well.

through the above analysis of some data, I found these data in a lot of useful things.

I see. Most of my users are in Lu Songsong and the A5 station, because..:

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