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website revision is a taboo. A lot of people because of the website correcting, appeared a lot of problems. For example, after correcting the spider can not, included straight down, and some even directly to the K. Often in the major forums to see such information, many friends see the information, are afraid to revision, think revision is undoubtedly suicide. No one likes to kill himself, so many people don’t change it.

in fact, everything is relative, and it is a quantity problem.

website to be revised? Of course, the revision, but you can not revision every day. You can wear new clothes every day, you can wear new clothes every day, but the website can’t change every day. Although they are meant for others, the way of seeing things is different. Good, for example, every day to face your wife, you have to see the numbness, and she suddenly change hairstyle, you will feel good. If she suddenly had plastic surgery, you might not be able to accept it. Why? Because the surgery is risky, it’s likely that she’ll turn into Angie Chiu, and she’ll probably be a spice girl from jurassic.

I cite this example only to illustrate a problem, that is, website revision does not mean the establishment of new sites. After the revision, the website’s channel name, channel address, and the content of the web site are unchanged, and the only change is the layout of the website, the color of the website. This kind of revision, search is welcome. But this relatively high weight of the site, if your website weight is very low, search basic cold.

here, let me make it clear. Because in many cases, the website revision may really have to be done and done again. This time, you should first make a site map, that is, to make the station’s documents, do not become dead connection. If it is a dynamic website, then the old version of the home page is directly replaced by two levels of corn. Related information is not deleted, in the old information, to join the connection of new sites. After the establishment of new sites, in the new station’s home page, do the old version of the link. In this way, the search will find that the new version, that is the old version, and when it was found, you will be on your site’s internal structure of the new weight judgments. New web site weight will gradually increase, the old web site will be gradually reduced, and finally only included in the old version of the home page content. Because the new version of the content, most of the old version of the information, which becomes the content of repetition, search will only include a corn under the information.

revision not frequent.

revision frequent, your web site in search engine weight will be reduced. As a result, traffic from search engines decreases.

revision can be explored forward, but to refer to relevant data.

many friends revised, completely according to their own preferences. I love black style, made his website. The website is not for you to see, of course, except for personal blog. However, I suggest you, no matter what station you do, plan the revision program from the visitor’s point of view.

revision, you can refer to a lot of data. Revision is usually base >

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