Net push 365 clever use of micro-blog to increase the chain of Web site

has now entered the real micro era, everybody was enjoying his Twitter Life: "micro-blog" and "WeChat" and "micro novel" and "micro interview" and "micro broadcast" and "micro resume" and "micro video" and "micro music" and so on, as long as you can think of, no micro. In this micro world, how can we make full use of micro-blog to micro-blog marketing? Before I had in "fifteen increase the site outside the chain revealed a classical method" is introduced in this paper some commonly used methods to increase the chain, then how to use the micro-blog chain increases again for everyone to do a simple introduction.

1, find suitable for publishing the chain and more stable micro-blog website

do SEO friends all know, do the chain to choose high weight and relatively stable site to do. I recommend you use Notepad dog Xweibo and micro-blog, because micro-blog Notepad dog and Xweibo are free and open source program, suggest that you choose to create using the two open source micro-blog website, must judge whether the site is stable, then the next step, otherwise some personal open a small closed chain you are lost.

2, make good to release micro-blog information

one day I browse Notepad dog at micro-blog website, found China technology resource sharing network with micro-blog chain, Baidu, it was Baidu included, then I also learned that the increase of the chain method. The following network push 365, first let us see the Chinese science and technology resource sharing network in the record dog micro-blog is how to operate it, as shown in the following picture:

Baidu included results

, it is easy to see that the micro-blog is added to the title of the article (, click enter the article after micro-blog, as shown in the following picture:

chronicles dog micro-blog’s release of information

, we look at this micro-blog above, is not at once know how to remember the dog micro-blog skillfully increase the chain?. Then I give you see China technology resource sharing network in a Xweibo website is how to set up, I suggest everyone in the Xweibo set in the background must fill in the website such as content, plus the best on the web site, so that there is effect. As shown in the following picture:

the effect of filling out a profile on a Xweibo site

was included in the Baidu, the site described in the link can appear in Baidu search results, as shown in the following picture:

3, summary

net push 365 think, in micro-blog release chain, or special emphasis should pay attention to quality, every day should not be too much, too much will backfire, >

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