The profiteering operation method of download class website

one, download station market

, we’re so bad,


every day in our study way, I put our circle metaphor of "eight guardians" on Ding Chunqiu, so we ignore the way, in fact the right path is profitable and sustainable development, the 06 year, I wrote a software modification of creativity, the title is XX download, but actually do not have the resources to download, the results can be taken to 20 thousand days of IP/ traffic, then Jonathan specifically to test it, he reached a conclusion, that is the search volume is too large to download resources.

so from now on, we must be more on the way, in fact, from the beginning of 1000 posts, I was more of some thinking to write something in the past, the thinking is extracted, let everybody to good use.

now, they are doing a download station, including the legendary 100 thousand / day of the original idea, and also on the way to turn to download the resource station, then I will say how to do the download station:

1 search for a real static forum, such as the BBSGOOD forum, and don’t use the traditional download resource program. Those programs are pseudo static, and BBSGOOD is really static.

2, go online search download station, looking for individual station, and compare these individual station flow level, looking for a high ranking personal station.

3, copy the above all the resources, and the resources were repackaged, then add in advertising, advertising is not a traditional ".Html download" of this kind, must have a strong attraction, such as "the day to earn 500 yuan.Html" or "passion sister free video to you.Html" a glance to attract you, no matter who download resources to open and see.

4, carefully upload each resource, and pay attention to the SEO optimization of each page, each keyword will be in GOOGLE

ADWORDS keyword tools, query the relevant long tail keywords, and then on the ad page to do.

5, keep a diary and keep track of what you do every day.

two, download station publicity

a lot of people say it is difficult to download station, the reason is that he is doing is difficult to expand hotlinking, hotlinking, search engine is the best stand in the front row, download station flow is the most important way to use search engine.

1, using search engines. The SEO in front is basically set up well, then the most critical link is to exchange links with others,

do more anti link, insist on doing at least 5 backlinks every day, the regular site is the method of chronic flow method, but also the most effective way.


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