Take what save you grassroots webmaster that fidgety heart

what is "grassroots"? First refers to the relative power of the government or policy maker; two refers to the disadvantaged class, which is opposite to the mainstream, elite or elite. And grassroots Adsense is a personal website webmaster, online store manager, personal independent blog and other life in the Internet bottom of the struggle of the entrepreneurial community. Our grassroots webmaster as the Internet contributor, but also vulnerable groups, is the working class of migrant workers. We are under the risk of policy, alliance exploitation, punishment by Baidu, Google, and others. However, we all have their own grassroots webmaster ideals, dream of their Internet career to the commanding heights. But to succeed, you need to save yourself first and let those bad habits roll aside.

grassroots webmaster should speak less and do more. I am a grassroots, but also a grassroots webmaster. But, I have ideals, and I am practicing my ideals and trying to find my way to success. However, at the webmaster forum grassroots webmaster friends, you are doing what kind of exploration? Every morning to see Baidu included, see snapshot updates, see PR updates to the forums, put a pile of garbage, today you stand to increase the collection of the snapshot update? PR? Four months do not update? How to increase the chain? And then shouted to Baidu does not adjust menstruation, the policy direction of anger. A day of effort only spend less time for web content acquisition, and made two key words, occasionally find the Links is not essential, then when spending at the forum, in the group with. What is the difference with the woman, what are the benefits to you and your website? In order to leave a signature? Leave AD? Create a chain? First, not to mention these junk the chain on your station is useful, we can waste this time to do something beneficial to the development of the website. For example, write a high-quality article for the website, make a friend, exchange a high quality link, optimize the internal structure and the inner chain of the website.

grassroots webmaster should endure lonely. If you haven’t been successful in running a high quality, high traffic website, then you should sit down and learn to emulate other people’s success rather than complaining every day. Read a few books on the website operation, and several independent blog webmaster communication station experience, read a few good soft Wen, listen to the successful webmaster to your advice. Update the site is very boring, exchange friend chain will also recruit stinkeye, included is not stable, but we should be steadfast, every day to do their own view on the matter, we are not afraid of loneliness, because we have not been successful. So we don’t have to talk rubbish all the time to attract people’s attention, and they will forget you tomorrow, because you don’t succeed, you don’t matter. We have succeeded, and want to loneliness is difficult.

grassroots webmaster should know how to accumulate steadily. A station did not experience the accumulation of time, no sustained correct site operations, maintenance and extension work, anxious not to do something useful to the user, only to the search engine, then how in the content around with advertising, so, >.

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