Webmaster meditation how to start from scratch, a Web2.0 station positioning analysis

the old saying goes: "seek first things, then prosper, and advance will perish.".

this sentence is used in many things is suitable, especially for the operation of the site. Now, because of the availability of open source programs, resulting in a surge in the number of sites, a concept came out, there are countless follow the trend of the site has risen. But for small and medium-sized webmaster, do stand at the beginning, how do you locate, how to plan? If not consider to download an open source program blindly start, the so-called plan in advance, the end result can be hard work for nothing.

in the following article, I will combine my own current operation is www.94hw.com (network of fun) to talk about how I positioned it, how to develop step by step. Is the fun is Web2.0 website, the specific mode is Digg digg type. Of course is the fun network is still far from success, so this article only and we used to discuss the exchange, please correct the expert.

(a) completely imitate, only a dead end, digg in China is not without hope,

if you just imitate the idea that someone else has succeeded, you’ll never succeed. If you can in the imitation innovation, has its own originality, perhaps can Zoupian Jian Feng, cut a piece of cake market. Take the familiar happy net, although it copy the mode of foreign countries, but it has its own clear positioning of the new, for the white-collar groups, but not with another familiar SNS website of campus network user, because the user group is different. Although many experts from happy net is not optimistic, but at least it is Chen Yizhou to buy a good domain name kaixin.com is an imitation of happy net to good, and if you see signs of Chen Yizhou’s copycat happy net can not exceed kaixin001.COM. It may become a joke in the history of the internet.

The era of

Web2.0 has passed, and now, when it comes to this concept, few people pay attention to it. But I always love the concept of love, a model called digg 2. Almost no domestic experts in the Internet Digg optimistic about this model, because people think Digg success abroad may be just a coincidence, but the domestic and foreign Internet environment and the quality of Internet users have too many different.

but I think the domestic experts are not optimistic about it. They can not conclude that this model can not live in china. A large operating team may not want to explore this direction, which is an opportunity for our small and medium sized websites. So, after careful consideration, I decided to fly against the wind and make a Digg station, because I was looking at the Digg model, not its success now. All or nothing, at least try hard.

(two) my late domestic Digg site >

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