See only a small part from the travel agency distribution of tourism website competition

we all know about travel. The competition between travel websites is very fierce. It can be seen from the Baidu bid, Baidu bidding tourism website every day innumerable. The competition between tourist websites can be seen from the number and distribution of travel agencies.

travel agency has never had a lack of competition, the relatively large travel agencies such as CYTS, CITS, such as Kang Hui’s, have a large number of branch and marketing department. From the data collated by Baidu, we can see that there are about 54529 travel agencies and retail outlets in China, and this is only the name of the travel agencies, small travel agencies and retail outlets are more numerous.


According to iResearch

data analysis, about 79.53% Chinese domestic travel service branch and marketing department is has its own independent website, about 34.94% have two or more than two independent sites, average travel agencies have 3.53 separate sites. Comprehensive data above conservative estimates, the national tourism website number of about 190 thousand.

from the above we can see that in the coastal areas and the north of Guangzhou area of the largest travel agency, the second is the capital city of the province, the more economically developed areas, travel more intensive, more intense competition of tourism website. Therefore, economic factors directly restrict the competition degree of tourism websites. Because the tourism industry has more restrictions on the starting place, the local tourism website is more competitive than the comprehensive tourism website.


but there are fewer than 2% websites that can be recognized by search engines and users in so many tourist sites. Take Chengdu to see, there are 1769 registered travel agencies in Chengdu, and there are about 6190 travel websites. I have 2 years of experience in making travel products in Chengdu, and fewer than 30 can be obtained by tourism websites. I believe that in other cities and regions, this ratio will not go high.

so, although tourism websites have become red sea, we still have the opportunity to stand out from each other in our respective cities. As long as we seriously do stand, product, service, for every guest wholeheartedly, I believe that in time, the site will be able to excel, become one of those 2%.

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