How quickly does a new site improve adhesion

website how to increase the viscosity, in the final analysis is the attraction of the site, of course, and the location of the site is related. Holding a gun in one place the mentality of the webmaster, do not have to consider the problem of viscosity, just think how suddenly click on the line, and ready to get down station friends must consider whether their site has the potential to attract repeat customers. In general, a website that lets people visit second times, the following are essential.

1, website speed, imagine a website has not been opened for a minute, loaded pictures, and then loaded video, and then the patient has to go.


website speed, involves many aspects, the first is the website server problem on this, I believe that many owners have a lot of complaints to the child said, after all, now in the host market, but really can not find a problem with IDC, only one point, the strength of IDC to hard. You think, since there is no guarantee that there is no problem, at least make sure that the problem can be solved in time.

is the second web design, if you listen to the opinions of the so-called web design company, that is what to what the whole a trendy, fancy, so people have to make money. But if you are a understand some Internet webmaster, you should know the website design should be simple and elegant, this website is a collection of Internet users are willing to see, Baidu, Google, Myspace and other sites will know. Another reason is that no matter how delicious things are, there is always a time when you can get bored, but you can drink boiled water every day.

2, since it comes to web design, website design should have characteristics, not flashy, but have their own ideas, and not completely imitate other people’s ideas come over.

general, website design idea is, as far as possible to retain users, to attract users to visit the web page, we must pay attention to the following points: a design, to meet user habits, let a person to accept the strange things cost, unless we think the price is a must; B, on the page the more important something more serious, to establish clear visual hierarchy; C, can click on the place must be prominent, people obviously know can click; D, divide the page into a clearly defined area; E, omit superfluous words.

3, website advertisement and website profit cannot delimit simple equal sign.

has some website owners may want to make money like crazy, advertising on the page is actually the main content more, I think in the long run, this is not a good thing, it will make access to reduce the number of advertising, eventually lead to earn less money, do not try.

these methods are arch-criminal loss of a large number of users, in fact, these sites are using so many rogue means is to flow, or a little more direct said, is to make money, they just don’t know it broke your site off.


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