Cheng Lingfeng split vertical operations will be portal trends


such as the title, this is Feng brother’s point of view.

first, such as health, parenting, such as small channels, there are many four major portals, relying on the flow of the door to maintain, but in the market without competitiveness, there is no independent income strength. The parasite is, too. These are independent accounting, and intensify reform, survival of the fittest.

second, sports, finance, technology, entertainment, such as medium-sized channels, there are shaping teams, play, and the market, but the potential has not been excavated. Should be independent vertical division, independent accounting, self financing, led by an independent general manager.


‘s views and trends are similar to the one envisioned by Li Xueling in 2005 as editor in chief of the NetEase. Independent of the channel into a subsidiary, independent investment, employees share shares and options. But the NetEase finally failed. At that time, Li Xueling believes that NetEase with Sina’s approach can not go beyond Sina, with this approach, you can hatch a number of listed companies.

later came to Cao Guowei, followed by a similar strategy at sina. Real estate is one example. It is said that negotiations have also been made in the field of gaming. The idea was to spin off Sina’s game channel and merge with a vertical gaming portal, headed by the entrepreneur, who was injected and held by Sina and will be listed independently in the future.

The operation mode of

portal hasn’t changed for ten years, and the staff is lack of vitality. Without a change in strategy, it will only become more depressing. It is worth noting that, if the four door business alone accounting, has been in a small profit or even loss situation, especially in game income to support other business Tencent and NetEase.

regardless of sports, finance, automotive, technology, games and entertainment, the vertical web site outside the gateway has been well developed. They are more capable of entrepreneurial leadership and organization more powerful technical support team, more and more flexible and more radical, under the support of VC, the investment is higher than the portal, to get more high quality audience than the portal and more powerful influence.


example doesn’t need to be crowded, and the car home and Li Xiang will be enough. By the way, there’s one more thing that needs to be mentioned. Li Xueling himself was doing before YY started to play the game. With game, information and community roots, there is a game based voice communication tool, YY. Isn’t NetEase allowed to do it? Dude, go out and show it to you.

, for example, the most familiar tech circles of your readers. Four major technology channels in the mainstream industry continues to decline in the influence of the crowd. It is an indisputable fact. The most timely, powerful, and most technically valuable reports are based largely on emerging blogging sites. Portal science and technology channel articles and layout, lack of spirit, individual plates and even degenerated into public relations personnel "bribery soft text" of the land, and to "flicker" the boss to the budget of the flower rack.

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