Four alternative ways of running local websites

if there are people there are rivers and lakes, then there are rivers and lakes where there is a local website. The first batch of local websites, I’m afraid, is known as "such a city port of information.". The so-called "early bird" has worms, such "Hong Kong" category of keywords are often forcibly occupied the Baidu local city search first. Of course, these local websites are also the most profitable ones. Because of the excitement of these websites. Local websites have sprung up to cut local web markets. Then, how to break the tight encirclement under the barrier of the old local website and get better display? The author combines his new on-line website to explain the alternative operation of the local website.

1, domain name:

domain name for a website advantage is self-evident. But for now, most of the webmaster, a good domain name can not be met. Therefore, the domain name can not be too demanding. Easy to remember. In the propaganda, the domain name can be expressed reasonably in Chinese to facilitate the memory of Internet users. For example, the author’s newly launched new Huangdao network can be expressed in Chinese as "new Huangdao, even my brother"". The author and in many places webmaster exchanges, found that many people for.Org this suffix is not very cold. The author believes that the domain name suffix has the best.Com, if not, according to their preferences to choose a suitable.

2, the title of the website is going to be written:

doesn’t need to say more about the title of the website. You can see what kind of words occupy the search traffic in the local website. What kind of words do we use to intercept traffic?. By combining the rational use of Baidu word segmentation technology. More keyword matching has been obtained. Easy for later website search engine optimization.

3, website brand name selection:


website wants to be bigger and stronger. A catchy name of the website is very important. For example, the first batch of local websites is named after "certain information port" or "certain information network". We choose the name of the site, you can refer to the choice of domain names, Baidu search hot words to establish brand names. For example, the author is named after the new Huangdao network.

4, website promotion way:

above three points are the initial deployment of the site construction. And whether a website can be bigger or stronger is the way of promotion. Especially for individuals to do standing grassroots adsense. The site may not have much money in early stages for mass advertising. So small and fine way to promote it seems valuable. For the promotion of the website, the author is also slowly groping, I think you can stick, QQ group, other places to collect the flow of the site. The author recently try to stick it, promotion and website two-dimensional code propaganda.


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