Fifty questions you must know before you do the station

thank the author’s share, this is an old article, but also a good article can not bear to delete, put here, hoping to help novice friends! To be a Chinese webmaster, if you don’t know the following 50 questions, you will suffer a lot, or you may be a unlucky station owner.

fifty questions, there are forty you can do, then you are passing the webmaster, this is the 50 webmaster, at least know the familiar problem.

1. webmaster can not know ASP, PHP, c++, net, but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know, fix him in a week. Even HTML do not know, how to do the link later, technology secretly fool you, a few do not know.

2. do webmaster, must know the small letter home but, if your domain name is registered in the small agency, estimates you bigger, want to transfer to many websites do half that agency has run away.

3. must know that the top registrar must know the ownership of the domain name and must use the whois to check the domain name itself.

4. must know that it’s no use just registering.Net.Cn, and you have to get.Com, or else the pain will last you a lifetime.

5. must know that the virtual host does not restrict IIS, and says IIS is cheating.

6. must know 100 webmaster, must have the heart of 5 adsense.

7. must join 5 webmaster groups, you must know your counterparts in the field of 10 websites of the latest developments.

There must be 2

8. QQ, a QQ can do the assassin or flash at any time. Spying on other people’s intelligence for their own use.

9. must know how to make money online, must be familiar with 5 alliance products, at any time put union advertising.

10. must know SEO, must know how to cheat search, this is the webmaster minimum requirements.

11. must have at least 3 domain names, 2 spaces, or not a webmaster.

12. must learn to respect, everyone on the Internet is a cow, each can access the Internet is cattle, may your arrogance lost a great opportunity,

13. must learn to steal, others have good, you must be able to quickly take, take possession of, so as to have beyond.

14. must have 2 proficient in ASP, PHP and other network technology friends, you can help at any time.

15. must have 2 hacker friends in different fields, and if you’re done, someone can help you.

16. must have 2 friends from the domain name, who have good things, and someone to help you buy and sell.


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