A new idea on the website of model essay

model website of a new idea, my website in the early stage is also the article station, actually not say very early, just 2 months ago, and later found that the site positioning is not fixed, key words can’t do. So a bold decision, on the site of a revision, even risking Baidu K (big SEO – I put the name of the site) to change.


every day to manually update, a few days later, Baidu finally re included me, and my mood website net "mood" in the Baidu keyword do the first, although the words may not bring what traffic, but my site traffic is mostly from the Baidu search for articles related to the IP though not much, the day is about 200IP, but it gave me the website has been re recovery, people want to exchange links with me, selling advertising and so on, my website finally began to have the income, not like before that by GG, mother and other Union, it makes me feel for Baidu I like the weight of the website is still relatively high, as long as your site updated every day, do some "pseudo original", with the collection procedures do not. Baidu will relax for you. Although my station is now collected almost 100, which is not a lot of standing, but I revised to now less than half a month, you can say that in this half a month or included. (everybody looks at the earliest written article of my website, you can see the time that the website is revised.


here, I do not say more, in short, seriously do stand, there will be harvested, free time into my mood network to see, contact QQ:516209696. Welcome friends to learn and exchange, especially the model essay, literature type website.

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