n winter, individual webmaster left is king

a few days ago in Shenzhen guy told me to deal with home farm site, asked the reason, the answer is, do financial before, has been doing Amateur Station, now the company is affected by the economic crisis, the shortage of funds, many employees no pay for several months, and his website have no profit, no income, could not carry, had to be sold to the home farm site.

winter seems to have really come, and more and more "cold", and personal Adsense more or less certainly will be affected by "winter", before the domain name stop service domain name is a precedent. Maybe another time, do local classified information website found in advertising business has become more and more difficult to earn, do group purchase also found that business has become more and more difficult, with the cooperation of enterprises recruitment website facing the present situation of a large number of layoffs will face no embarrassment partners……

How to deal with the "winter" personal webmaster

impact? How to spend "winter" brought to appreciate the spring pleasure? The knife that the cold of winter, personal webmaster want to stick to their positions, "left" for the king, when all the people went down, as long as you stand there, you’re a winner.

first of all to straighten out the mentality, do not fear the "winter", for personal Adsense, the Internet is "winter" depends on our mentality. For the big brother, no venture capital support, may be very tough, but for small boat U-turn individual owners, "winter" for us, perhaps "warm winter."". Honestly do promotion, it is really up IP, happy to earn a little money.

usually, opportunities and crises coexist, and "winter" brings us not only layoffs, layoffs and economic depression, but accompanied by the "winter", there will certainly be opportunities. And if the individual webmaster can in a calm state of mind in the "cold winter" to seize the fleeting opportunity, perhaps when all income decline, your income will increase.

"winter", "personal webmaster want to learn to accumulate steadily", as long as your site is not to walk away even if the supervisor, Baidu is not included, even if one day only you a visitor, also do not close the site, perhaps next year or the year after today, there will be a lot of people wrote: "I really regret at the end of 08 shut down his website, if not shut down now……" It is reasonable to believe that what exists is reasonable.

before the winter coming, there are already some owners began in disarray, it is difficult to imagine when the "cold winter" invasion and how, here. For a long time, just want to give friends encourage each other, since it has been on the head of the journey, don’t give up halfway because of difficult, even if the failure is don’t give up, maybe we will get to "There is a way out.", "winter", even if the income does not increase, learn something, let the knowledge growth is good. (text / knife, www.1984q.cn)

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