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in my grandfather and many friends and fellow Dong Dong’s concern and support, Dong style network now has 31293 themes: posts: 429831, 10625, the daily independent member: IP rate of 1500, the average daily hits more than 15000. I have a fate with the Dong nationality, and the biggest wish is to devote myself to the dissemination of national culture and be understood by other people and be recognized by the society.

I come from Guizhou Liping, where is the Dong culture, has a population of Dong county most, and grandpa is Dong famous singers, is currently living the most famous Dong Pipa song master, he brought the apprentice dozens of everyone, the creation of the song is thousands of very small. It is often my grandpa, love on Dong culture, can be said with the customs of the Dong origin in my hometown.

and I can get out of the mountains, rely on their own efforts and government support, local government policy support for outstanding minority students at junior high school and senior high school is in the minority class life and study, 92 years started to have the monthly living allowance 35 yuan, you know, his father a month of pure income is only 100 yuan, finished high school in the national policy support, from that time began to appreciate minority policy, at the same time to oneself is proud of the Dong people. College of computer and network contact, and of course the students around the Dong people know that he is always curious and strange to ask: "Dong? What characteristics?", he whim, why not be a Dong style website? This through the Internet to promote their own people. In 1998 the first grade began university computer courses, I use Win95 under the frontpage software established the first ", was placed in the free space, then if there is no special introduction of Dong site, the hometown festival picture scanning, find free space, also very proud to tell friends, classmates and fellow, please ", " Dong style network; at that time I felt that something really have a sense of achievement.

through the Dong nationality amorous feelings network, has the predestined relationship to know many friends, through the Dong nationality amorous feelings net lets more friends have known Dong nationality.

2000 winter, two of Iceland’s "foreigner" through my website to contact me, and I go back to hometown in our hometown 7 years once the bull Tibet Festival, with their excellent foreign language is not the style of Dong propaganda, a sense of achievement. Although he did not continue to do much of the site with new and maintenance, but he has been growing up this.

in 2002, I began to work with their own computer, plus in the state-owned enterprises, have their conditions to do something well, so my first version of a regular point station launched, the first is to buy virtual host, with the establishment of BBSXP forum, the host, the quality is not very good, is not stable, with 3 years of registered members to more than 1000 people, it is a shame —

opens in 2006

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