The main business operation copycat success sharing

net copycat drip, drip site profitable website operators, the main business success of copycat sharing, a web site that is personal inspiration, like the ancient people like poetry, everything is difficult at the beginning, the most important time to do the copycat network drip, drip site profitable operation site, the main business success sharing copycat.


himself is the webmaster, as a technician, will only do optimization, website programming, for operating a large site that profit for the website, is every webmaster most headache, why is life skills, but in the face of a network side of the big stage to show perfect. But with ambition, but no goals. Don’t know you is not the heart experience, as a technician, power regardless of size, will have a great ideal, who all want to do a career, who will say I want to start their own businesses, who will have a I have the ability to do great things I must be. But often appears in the network the hero is not too technical, but the operation of the site, for example, Alibaba President Ma Yun, who knows that he is not what technology expert, but he changed the network.

concluded that we can not, we cannot only have a technology, and will use the people around, the technology behind to choose the right people, with a clever mind to plan to go, this is the key to successful operation of the site.

said below, I do experience in Shanzhai network.

has just begun to see Shanzhai, which is very hot. Now the society talks about Shanzhai, not knowing it is shanzhai. I began to wonder if I could use the word in business, so I started looking for Shanzhai products, of course, because Shanzhai phones in Shenzhen were hot, and Shanzhai prices were more popular. So I choose this word, copycat mobile phone, mobile phone Baidu search copycat was out of the www.shanzhaiji, com is the first, no doubt this time someone’s goal and standard market, I have found that there is no copycat copycat, not the boss, can be said to be the main copycat I select one of the best, do you say to register the domain name www.shanzhaizhu immediately com. The good domain name registration I did not choose to do news copycat evaluation, is what I think I can use the main direct copycat shop, this can be said to be the main comparison of copycat copycat boss, have a certain influence, a night time before I could talk about the good supplier manufacturers all the information released to my website, the site is out early select the shopex program, and his program and Baidu has ah, Taobao, pat, data conversion, so I don’t have to compare one by one to add products to other platforms, things like this brand market is the most hot thing, visibility is the most important, do not choose Taobao, pat will not believe you, because Taobao, and pat we all know, as long as I use the brand promotion my site will be just a wholesale platform. I’m going to use the Shanzhai website to make wholesale mobile phones rather than just retail.

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