Webmaster friends, please calm down and do the station

today a webmaster friend chat, talk about why he stood IP is not high, also can’t keep visitors and so on. Go in and see, first don’t say keyword choice, give people the first feeling is uncomfortable, the template gives people feel very confused, color collocation does not meet the station type, the content is messy and empty. How can such a station to retain visitors, ask webmaster friends, you do stand, have considered the user? Do you do when the station, and whether there is a plan to re run your site?. Many webmaster are very impatient, standing on the line, the template is not ready, the content did not collect well, the external links did not do, and promoted a few QQ group, every day in the traffic statistics, and then asked why the station did not flow. Excuse me, if you enter such a station, you will stay? Absolutely not, so webmaster friends should draw up a plan for themselves, including the station’s preliminary planning, medium-term development, late operation. Set up a good mechanism, so that when you run the station, you will not be confused and aimless. Here’s how you should do it:

1. to find a suitable location, it is best to segment the industry, do fine, do fine, make features. It’s hard for an individual webmaster to do a big, all – around station. Therefore, station type selection needs to be seriously considered, and the general direction must be correct. Content must be done, the site is relatively rich, very strong, and only after it does not seem empty, to vigorously publicity, but also to have effect. A no content station, you propaganda and what use, no content is not keep the user.

2. website template positioning, must be suitable for your industry, professional and technical station to do entertainment station template, what do you think the result is?. In this regard, you can look at other people’s, and ask their friends or friends around to give some advice, although not all accepted, but they can give you a lot of advice, and when they are visitors, is very helpful.

more than two, 3. do well, oneself is not to do Baidu included, bright and included speed increase, PR value promotion, station itself weight ascension. For example, the first stage to do how much included, how many links every day, how many updates every day, how many QQ groups to promote every day, how much the chain construction?. In the first second stages, you should revise and perfect the problems and deficiencies in your first stage. I think these 2 stages should be done at least 3 to 6 months longer. If it is done in accordance with this, they themselves and the station itself is constantly improving, and naturally can also understand the experience you need to build.

4. continues to tune and improve user experience and listen to the voice of users. Use all means, a lot of publicity, continuous learning, promotion and improvement of nature, success is not far away.

from the above point of view, it is very simple, but also people looking forward to the final success. But the webmaster friends you really Jingxiaxinlai stand for? 90% of the webmaster and not to do! Most of them are talking in the group, spam, IP, everywhere asked why Ip is so.

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