Talking about the operation and profit way of game websites

With the rapid development of the Internet,

has gradually formed a huge gold mine. Many people begin to join the Internet. And the game industry as a breakthrough in profits has been favored by many people. Because the vast majority of people in the Internet is to achieve the purpose of profit, the reasons is different; some may just for living to feed their families, some may be in order to better the quality of life of their own, some may be in order to make their own reputation. The game is undoubtedly a big profit point, we can in today’s Internet, as long as it is a large Internet Co, seems to have a game component; Tencent games, 360 games, the NetEase more! According to well-known consulting firm Ai Rui report, in 2012 the domestic game industry exceeded 60 billion, and is expected to 2015 will exceed 100 billion.


game in the industry is a money losing industry, the traditional development of a game the cost is huge, not a small team can do, like a big big company like many products are foreign agents in some production company. Before, small teams do the game industry, or to help big companies do outsourcing services, or is to do private servers and other illegal activities. But now it is different, with the incoming wave of mobile Internet, has brought new opportunities to many grassroots entrepreneurs, many popular games is the creation of a small team, and we can achieve a win-win situation through an open platform with many companies. And for such small groups, profitability seems to be their priority because they have to have the money to keep the team running. In the mobile game industry, we all know that a common profit model is: the development of a game, released to the Internet for users to download, install, play, but after playing a few times after the beginning of the user charges. And this is just a kind of common profit model, with the development of the Internet, we can think of some new things?. I think we can consider the following ways, of course, only the author’s personal views.

first, concentration and innovation. In this society, no matter what things update too fast, and for the game, in addition to some classic game can long-term release energy, ordinary game will soon become the past. So while thinking about how to make money, we must consider preparing new things so that our earnings will last. Of course, the focus and innovation here is not necessarily our own development of game products, because the game site is not necessarily their own to create the game, and many are with a lot of game producers for integration and cooperation.

second, focus on the masses. Now the Internet has a very popular word is "get cock silk, the world."". Game player in the general public still accounted for most of the game player of all, after all of the rich and powerful "nouveau riche" or very few; perhaps those wealthy people are willing to spend money, as long as you happy on the line, but after all those people less, so the total amount is less, and the general team is difficult to attract such people over consumption. And ordinary players though >

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