Visual design is more than graphics

in general, I encourage visual designers to have a deeper understanding of the design requirements before they can be designed:

1, this product needs to give what kind of a group of people to use, what kind of visual experience do they need?.

, for example, you are doing a set of software for a bunch of veteran cadres, so don’t be as busy as qq. (introduced a way to determine the visual style by collecting visual elements from typical users)

2, this is what kind of product, it needs to show the user what kind of "temperament" and emotional feelings.

said last time feeling very good visual design innovation, in fact, a large part is that it used for those Ajax animation with the positioning of the product "smart, quick". It makes me feel in my senses that "this product is very light and fast, it won’t occupy a lot of space in my cell phone, and also a lot of Internet traffic."".

3, how much creative space can I play and whether I need to follow some cognitive stereotypes?".

, for example, a product you do in the industry already has many of the same, they have defined such products on a sensory form, so whether you need to follow? If you change your ideas how much risk? Are you sure you can do better?

(sorry, there is no typical example here. I think most of the time, visual design needs to be self – characteristic,

Addition and subtraction in

visual design:

1, a product of the visual design needs down, you can not immediately have a lot of ideas, this is a very common phenomenon. But many times the market is no longer waiting, and your boss will ask you to finish the design quickly.

2, then, let’s get started. Start with subtraction and start your design with the simplest style. Maybe he doesn’t have what color and style, and there is no effect of visual display very slow.

, when you’re done with this subtraction design, then look back and think about it. Most of the time you’ve got a good idea that you can optimize.

if not, as long as you in this design do some modification dyking type can complete the design.

3, of course, there are times when the design requirements come down and you’ll have lots of creative ideas.

then, don’t push yourself, don’t creep along and don’t dare to follow the idea. Make them all out. Then, put these ideas together, contrast, combine to form your style.

, but finally you have to do enough subtraction". "Getting rid of the excess" is a job that must be done seriously. Almost all day we can see many visual designs for vision.

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